The ins and outs of corporate workwear for women.

The demands of the corporate world come at us all at a mile a minute. Deadlines are always beckoning, meetings and standing agendas are often long, and the expectations for delivery and superstar results are never far behind. All that coordinating and excelling leaves very little time to thinking about what to wear and whether office uniforms may prove to be an easier time and fashion-life saver.

Figuring out your corporate workwear style, plus the silhouettes and lengths that suit you best is a part of life that we deal with exceptionally well and one we would like to take off your hands.

Our team has created a survey titled; WHAT DO WOMEN REALLY WANT TO WEAR TO WORK? with the sole intention of gaining a more modern and highly personalised understanding of what women, in their diverse personalities and job roles and life stresses, want to wear to work.

We have created a wide range of corporate workwear options over the years and all our pieces have caught on and done very well with the market.

To be quite honest; once your brand has covered cerise-coloured corporate wear and even extended the style imagination of the “serious” conservative workplace by launching an all-Demin range of suits, dresses, skirts and camisoles, you can be 100% guaranteed that KARMA Clothing is more than willing to break barriers rght by your side as you continue to advance your Boss Chick aspirations.

KARMA Corporate Wear is continually taking strides to better the variety we offer to our clients and the quality our ranges come in. We are consistently aiming and analysing global style trends and seeking an understanding of the evolving professional environment, in the effort to ensure that every woman – regardless of her shape, size and age range, finds a KARMA piece or three, that makes her feel truly powerful whenever she puts it on in the morning and heads out to conquer the corporate jungle.

Our aim is to stay current in our knowledge of the fashion game. Outside of reading up on said trends, looking at past sales data and analytics from our website and different social media platforms, the age-old method of asking the questions directly to the people who engage with / purchase our corporate workwear garments is a sure-fire way of paving the way to the future and what we will offer as a brand to our loyal customer base and the untapped markets that haven’t befriended us yet, but should.


Whether you love your pant suit as a straight cut or flared towards the bottom, or you prefer a pencil skirt that sits comfortably above the knee or you believe a maxi skirt with a flare type material will fit perfectly into your work weekdays, we would like to know! Completing our online survey will grant us the opportunity to produce more of the corporate workwear fashion style that fulfils your personal style and buying patterns.

Office uniforms don’t need to simply be the bland, boxy clothing in the colours black, white and tan anymore.

Your style choices for the office are as limitless as the number of lightyears in our innumerable galaxies. You can easily take charge of the boardroom – with both your professionalism and your perfectly corporate style.

Take our online survey here:

There’s a wonderful surprise for every successful completion of the survey – a 30% KARMA Online discount voucher, just as our small way of saying thank you for all your support over the years and to signify the month of love, in the sincerest sense.

Contact us for all your corporate workwear needs – individual and for a group in the organisation. Our team is readily equipped to help.

Styling corporates in 2018 – The modern work uniform


Is your 2018 look for ladies’ office wear ready?

Are you starting a new job? Stepping up the corporate ladder a notch?

Are you ready to take on the challenges and successes of corporate; with a spring in your step and a quality tailored suit to match?

We’re all set to help – Keep reading.

Our SA weather is agreeable (minus the rains, but that’s good for the drought situation, so yes to rain) and the boardroom agenda is bulletized and ready, all that’s left is for you to step in and look the part- corporately stylish and in control.

Nothing says, ‘now is a good time’ than the start of a new year. This first month of 2018 affords you the perfect opportunity to revamp your work uniforms and sort through the dull of the past year, jazz up the trends that were great enough to make it past midnight on the 31st with us.

Although we know what we NEED to adhere to for the office, we do not necessarily want to look bland and unstylish throughout the day. Rummaging through paperwork and speaking eloquently from one client meeting to the other is one thing, a lady should at least look exquisitely stylish while she does all that.

If nothing else, take the following ladies’ office wear tips to get yourself ready for the office.

  1. Keep it simple. Keep it elegant

A well-tailored pencil skirt with a blouse tucked into it, or a blazer with a tapered trouser in a colour that pops and announces that you’ve arrived, and you mean business, could be all you need to set off your corporate wear styling on the right foot.

  1. The perfect pant(s)

Likewise, a pair of classic pants or 3 are a solid component to put the perfect work uniform on trend and right on par with all things “professional.” The fact that pants are also a more comfortable option for the work environment is an added bonus.

The days of people saying pants are too “masculine” and make women come off as “domineering and unapproachable” are as outdated as the notion that the Earth is flat, or that retail therapy is not a real thing – this last part has practically been scientifically proven.

  1. Individuality – Make it your own.

Be on trend but always out your own spin on it. Elegance lies heavily in individuality. Even if corporate wants us to abide by a code of conduct and look as “uniform” as possible, your individual style and preference is the key to pulling off ladies’ office wear, successfully.

Shopping online at KARMA Corporate Clothing works out to be a lifetime companion in quality, style and comfort. With our wide range of single and paired ensembles; if you plan everything just right, then you should have absolutely no problems finding and combining the ideal look for your professional hours.

Year on year, our mission stays the same. Our 15 years expertise enables our team to suit the needs of larger corporate clothing clients who seek to offer their employees a work uniform, that doesn’t scream “Yes. I’m off to boring ol’ work”, while also offering items that individuals can buy off our online store.

Contact us to chat about possibly revamping your company’s employee work uniform options, or if you want to just add to the existing quality of your everyday ladies’ office wear.

Time to get down to some serious corporate fashion!

Our Top 10 – Wrapping Up Corporate Wear in 2017

KARMA Corporate Wear in 2017

Every year, the work calendar and the stresses of deadlines and “WOW” concepts comes and goes. Likewise, with every passing year, corporate clothing trends make an entrance, promise to stay the stylish test of time and if they’re indeed fabulous enough, they do.

2017 was no different for the textile style world and more so, for us at KARMA Corporate Clothing.

Our corporate wear range, available for purchase on our online shopping platform, showed month after month that “work clothes” no longer means ‘bland and repetitive styling and it absolutely doesn’t mean suits, blazers, starched shirts, and a straight cut pair of trousers.

The effortless, quality tailoring of our ensembles (worn as a pair or equally gorgeous when worn apart) are the perfect corporate wear get-up to take you from the office to a dinner table, in a variety of lengths and textures.

This year saw brighter colours coming out to play in a big way. The evolution of the workplace and changes in codes of conduct have shifted to allow a better alignment between the professional job and the style persona of the working girl doing the job. Pastels, cerise pinks and bright yellows, plus varying shades of blues have clearly demonstrated that a “business colour palette” is a thing of the past.

To continually ensure optimal style and relevance to our KARMA ladies, we thought it fit to wrap up the year with a list of our Top 10 corporate wear best sellers:

  1. The Bootleg Trouser
  2. The Alrai Trouser
  3. The Patri Jacket
  4. The Keyhole Dress
  5. The Gucci Shirt
  6. The Pleiona Cami
  7. The Vogue Shirt
  8. The Tapered Trouser
  9. The Venus Trouser
  10. The Classic Blouse

A quick look at this list and anyone with a knack for modernity can see from a mile away that nothing about our quality design and consistent setting of trends promotes being “fashion safe”. We don’t do safe and we don’t do easy. A professional, power woman deserves to be anything but safe when she steps into a boardroom, and our years of corporate wear manufacturing and styling is right on cue to help.In addition, the launch of our Denim Collection in October, was a sure-fire way to prove that corporate clothing needn’t be a bland humdrum of various pieces that do not complement or accentuate one another. The key has always been in purchasing Statement Pieces that form a solid foundation for your wardrobe and then occasionally adding ‘accents’ that make your daily office ensembles turn heads.

The least of your professional worries should be “how to best balance” the act of dressing appropriately for corporate, while having fun with your style.

January to December, our design expertise have your back, corporately.

If the revolution is truly coming, one should at least make sure they’re stylishly suited for the situation and with corporate clothing moving from boxy, ill-fitting monotone colours, to vibrant, interchangeable pieces with exquisite flair, a KARMA piece is as good a choice as any.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.

Denim – The new corporate wear must-have

Denim Corporate wear

We first saw denim fabric making its ever so humble appearance in the late 1700’s as a workwear fabric. Granted, this move wasn’t the epitome of corporate wear for women trends because the fabric was used to manufacture dungarees – yes dungarees – for the average working man. Nevertheless, denim had entered the fashion and textiles game.

In later years, something more exciting started happening to this extraordinary piece of fabric weaving. More and more clothes and apparel designers started seeing the fabric’s beauty and began unveiling their renditions of it through mainstream casual fashions. This eventually led to denim’s evolution into a mainstream fashion icon that would grow to stand the test of time.

Fast forward to 2017. How often do we see this heavy-duty fabric translated into everyday corporate wear? How many manufacturers and retailers can proudly raise their hand and confirm that they “do denim” for ladies’ office wear? Also, how many local suppliers can declare that they’re “on the deal with denim? Well, you don’t have to search any further – as KARMA Corporate Wear introduces its denim inspired wardrobe.

Allow us to backtrack a little and make things a tad less formal as we give you the full scope:

At KARMA Corporate Wear, we’ve made it our ultimate goal to present to you a corporate wear for women range that will undoubtedly bring back the fun in modern day ladies’ office wear and knock you off your feet. Sound exciting? – Well it should be.

Our most recent exploits have seen us venturing into territories that seem too daring for the average corporate wear manufacturer – but be assured that there’s nothing average about our quality, design technique or the product we place on the market.

By stretching the boundaries of modern day corporate clothing, we have managed to create a concept that will take the industry by storm and captivate the masses.

Unveiling KARMA’s Denim Range

The KARMA range of ladies’ office wear skirt-suits and pantsuits are specially designed to flatter both plus-size figures as well as professional darlings with slimmer figures, without altering the overall aesthetic appeal of our garments.

You can play around with your suits by coupling them with one of KARMA’s structured shirts or loose-fitting blouses. Whatever which way you choose to roll the style dice, your corporate wear for women ensembles will be out of this world.

For a little extra flair, our unique range of dresses are constructed with seamless precision and come in alluring body sculpting shapes that elongate as well as add a day-like grace to practical day wear.

Finding your perfect denim outfit, with our help of course, has never been any easier.

Our simplified design concepts make it more effortless to put together a snazzy outfit for each day of the work week. Your morning wardrobe time no longer has to feel like a personalised treasure hunt.

In case we hadn’t spoilt you for choice enough, we’ve got even more exciting news for all the ladies who are sometimes uncertain of the size they might take. By adding a detailed corporate wear for women size chart on our website, your online shopping experience is morphing into something a lot more convenient and personalised.

The chart offers an extensive breakdown of body measurements, all to help you attain your perfect fit.

In a nutshell, we’ve added the perfect solution for any style-smart working girl, minus the additional tailoring and resizing cost.

When it comes to ladies’ office wear, we’ve definitely got your back and take pride in ensuring that you receive the best quality product coupled with superb service that will keep you coming back for more.

Rest assured, we will allow nothing to disrupt your happy shopping experience.
Happy Shopping KARMA Ladies.

Shifting the trends on the ladies’ office look.

Our weather is getting warmer and corporate wear is getting in line to show off in a big way.

The days of simply matching a black suit with a white shirt, or throwing on a solid navy shift dress are dead and buried.

We’ve all heard the saying: “First impressions are lasting.” So, without a doubt, any self-affirming, career-driven lady, with a smartphone and a television will know of the latest in ladies’ office wear and of course, want to be right on trend with them. Whether it’s a stylist pant suit or a smashing dress with a stunner silhouette, fashion for the office has taken on a modern turn and KARMA Corporate Clothing is standing at the front of the line to keep corporate, current.

About a decade ago (a lifetime in internet years), corporate wear could be interpreted as a look with minimal colour, stark pinstripes, stiff fabrics and ill-cut fits. This was the acceptable norm and whatever stress one had when picking an outfit for work in the mornings, they kept to themselves. The lack of variety and personality in ladies’ office wear was a silent, plain palette struggle, but not anymore.

Even though company dress codes are one of life’s unwritten rules, a little variety and touch of individualistic je ne sais quoi surely doesn’t hurt and won’t bring the boardroom agendas to a screeching halt.

Here are a few of the shifts in ladies’ office wear:

  1. Variety

Clothing racks are looking nothing like they did a decade ago. Professionals are spoilt for choice with affordability, style, structured cuts and different fabrics. The modern feel to current corporate wear trends is expanding the industry in big way and people have a better understanding of the fact that “Your professional is an extension of your human appearance.” The corporate look isn’t something your take off at 5PM, it evolves with you.

  1. Change in Corporate Mindsets

People are changing the clothes they walk into the office with so in turn, the office has had to adapt and a fashion forward second look at their dress code bylaws. We’re past the part where plunging necklines and short hemlines were a distraction to colleagues. Now, hemlines are appropriately designed to fit different shapes and body sizes and as a result, better ladies’ office wear is bettering the esteem and overall productivity of executives.

  1. Local, expert manufacturing

The umbrella of corporate wear has not sprinted to new contemporary trends and forgotten about company uniforms. The take on the conventional office uniform has also received a revamp and product offerings are giving a plethora of benefits to companies that take on that option.

For companies that want to keep to the tune of uniformity, quality fabrics and luxe designs, for all shapes and tastes are the way to go. An added perk is a manufacturer like KARMA Corporate Clothing, that produces exquisite quality locally and ensures optimal delivery time.

Old corporate’s boring, stiff uniform is out, and comfortable interchangeable items are in. Employees are dressing fabulously and representing the brand in the best possible light. If that doesn’t boost employee morale, we don’t know what else will.

  1. One investment item at a time

A take on ladies’ office wear does not have to break the bank. Our range of quality items gives freedom to purchase a blouse as a start or a tailored suit as a staple investment.

We have different colours for the ever-classic pencil skirt, which turns heads at every corner paired with a blazer. The style opportunities are endless and a return visit to our online store is always welcomed.

To the fashion-savvy professional, this shift in the corporate wear industry sees the perfect balancing act of bringing job-friendly, exquisite garments that can easily transfer the wearer from the office desk to the dinner table. It is fashion tailoring like never before.

Our team continually updates our knowledge of trends and our expertise on corporate wardrobes. Get in touch for expert corporate styling advice or to simply understand the trendy uptake on office wear.

Join the trend train. Rejuvenate the power suit, brighten the shift dress and open the eyes of the boardroom to the endless possibilities of appropriate corporate wear – beyond ‘just a uniform’.

A new dawn of colour for Women’s Corporate Workwear

Things have been getting very interesting on the Women’s Corporate Workwear colour spectrum of late.

Bright has matured into more elegant combinations bringing a striking yet wearable modernity to the working wardrobe.

Women’s Corporate Workwear has often homed in on basic tones like black and white, dark blues and subdued sand browns. The norm for office looks has varied between tailored shirts and pants, pencil skirts and length-appropriate dresses. But not anymore.

With Spring beckoning and the South African weather promising warmer temperatures, it is necessary to consider a new dawn of colour for the corporate clothing South Africa market.

What comes to mind when you think of Spring? Apart from outdoor cocktails, we can guarantee that 8 out of 10 times, you’ll hear thoughts on flowers blooming, sprouts of colour plus bold and bright patterns. This season brings new growth, out with the old and makes room for something fresh and vibrant.

Fashion and office-appropriate clothing are not always friendly colleagues. It is no secret that dressing for success at the office during the spring and summer months has its challenges.

The challenge of staying stylish and self-confident, while maintaining professionalism and commanding authority in your work role is tough. Tough but doable. This is why we at KARMA Clothing are always on hand to inspire easy corporate identity, while staying mindful to provide individual consumer and corporate scale pricing, for high quality, locally produced clothing, regardless of the season or company culture.

So, keeping in line with the running trends, we have worked on a few style tips to incorporate dashes of Spring to your existing women’s corporate workwear and to give ‘colour’ a chance:

  1. Nothing says ‘Spring’ like showing more of the colour white.

Switch up from simply pairing your white shirts to darker pants or skirts, to consciously wearing all white pants suits, dresses and skirts.

    2. Lightweight materials with colour.

The new season’s arrival does not mean you do away with the blazers or coats. The warmer weather simply affords the corporate clothing South Africa market an optimal opportunity to produce pieces that do away with the heavier woolly fabrics, and bring in feats of light, colour pops in springtime coats and cardigans.

     3. “Go Boldly”

Where do we even begin to express the A+ glory that comes with adding striking colours for the office? From royals and teals to summer reds and fuchsia pinks, these elegant tones are definite fresh takes to corporate styling.

      4. Accessories

Search for satin styles – bags, pumps and even a coloured block heel are all shining stars this season.

The sky is the limit with where your style inspiration and women’s corporate workwear looks can go. Our wide collection can serve as 1. a fantastic base for your office classics or 2. a welcomed addition to the items you already have.

The update to your work wardrobe will keep you right on trend and will make you feel like MD material, without breaking the bank.

If you aren’t too sure of how to incorporate or update your work look, or you aren’t certain of where to start, the KARMA Corporate Clothing team stands firm as a solution to corporate clothing South Africa’s needs and niches. Get in touch and afford us the opportunity to introduce quality items that will accommodate varying professional agendas and streamline your long-term corporate identity.

Shop KARMA and feel like a Queen every day of the week.

Suit yourself with a power look from KARMA Clothing

“Get up, dress up, show up and never give up” wearing a stylish tailored suit by KARMA Clothing. Celebrate being a strong and smart woman by dressing the part this women’s month with business attire for women, styled by KARMA Clothing. The KARMA corporate clothing collection epitomises the ultimate in comfort and confidence while projecting an elegant, power look.

The KARMA range of business attire for women caters to various styles, cuts and different tastes for women in suits. Available in an extensive colour palette and fabric range, KARMA Clothing applies a sophisticated and modern approach to office wear, uniforms and corporate clothing, resulting in a look that communicates a professional suit culture.

Here are five fashion facts on how to create a power look and dress the part as a successful business person with business attire for men and women alike:

  1. Identify the Organisation’s Clothing Culture

There are various types of clothing styles or genres that corporate cultures assume for both men and women’s work attire. While you always want to keep true to your own personal style, make sure your outfit suits the culture characteristics of your company.

These characteristics include:

  • Formal / Corporate – think men and women in suits
  • Business Casual – casual pants like jeans or chinos with a smart dress shirt and jacket
  • Casual – for example, leggings, pumps and a loose fitting top
  1. Keep your Position in Mind

Often, we see poor role representation by executives and professionals, where an individual’s outfit does not suit the level of formality applicable to their role; where CEO’s don’t fit the part, top executives dress too casually and respected individuals reveal too much. Keep your role and the respect that you command at the fore of your closet when dressing every day.

  1. Keep it Classic

Building a wardrobe with timeless classics by way of cuts, colours and styles is a sure-fire way to create a power look regardless of the weather (or your mood). From the classic business jacket, tailored pants and pencil skirts, to business shirts and office tops, choose simple yet chic styles that express the success of a business-focal appearance.

  1. Ladies with a Little Length Go a Long Way

Corporate fashion, women in suits and finding a feminine balance while keeping things classy can be a challenge for some. When dressing for success and creating a power look “more is more”. When wearing short skirts, pencil cuts and dresses, application of the “four (4) finger from the knee” rule for a tasteful look that still gives leeway for ladies to enjoy above-the-knee styles, while maintaining a chic and classy look.

  1. Accessor-wise

Take your classic look and dress it up (or down) with a variety of accessories and trimmings to complete your final look. Mistakenly assumed to be attire exclusive to a women’s suit culture, there are a number of accessories available to compliment business attire for men as well, including:

  • Vests
  • Bows and neckties
  • Scarfs
  • Braces
  • Cufflinks, etc.

When accessorising your work gear, finish your look with well-matched pieces to make a statement, brighten neutral tones or polish classic styles.

At KARMA Clothing, workplace wardrobes are custom created through a passion for cutting edge design and creativity. Working together with our corporate clients, contact KARMA Corporate Wear to tailor your corporate clothing requirements with our in-house design team for expert advice and recommendations to suit the solid basics of your corporate identity.

Work the Look. Corporate wear made easy with KARMA Clothing

KARMA Corporate wearAre you frustrated with boring company uniforms, bad quality corporate uniform shirts or ladies’ office wear? Believe us when we say… we feel the same. After all, life is too short to wear boring clothes.

KARMA Clothing believes in modern and cutting-edge design and creativity. The days of little to no colour or fabric choices for your corporate wear collection are over. Never mind the #Datamustfall campaign… More like #Drabworkwearmustfall.

At KARMA Clothing, we guide you with a strategy for dressing to win with a corporate wardrobe that will do the talking and be fabulous in all the right places. We aim to make corporate wear easy for you so you can work the look and be the game changer. Here’s how:

  • Price – Not only will you receive unequalled service from KARMA Clothing, we are also more affordable than majority of other corporate wear suppliers in South Africa, and the best part? You don’t have to compromise on quality.
  • Local manufacturing – KARMA Clothing creates employment as we manufacture all of our clothing locally and employ highly experienced and skilled seamstresses. Many of our staff members have been with KARMA Clothing from when we were founded. We are also a proud Level 4 BEE Contributor.
  • Quicker turnaround time – As we manufacture our clothing locally, you don’t have to wait for shipments from Asia or anywhere else in the world. You can experience elegance, quality, precision, care and view it all in progress, along with knowing that your deadline will be met.
  • Quality – Cheap is not a word we identify with. Affordable, yes. Cheap, definitely not. We believe in ladies’ office wear and gents office wear, company uniforms, and corporate uniform shirts that are hand-made with love and passion. High-quality fabrics are utilised and garment production monitored and assured.

KARMA Corporate clothingWe understand that company uniforms have many benefits such as encouraging brand trust, practicality and increasing employee pride and unity (to name a few) but it is vital that you deal with the correct supplier. The wrong corporate uniform supplier can cause more headaches than relief.

Some of the things to consider when choosing a corporate clothing supplier include:

  • Experience – You don’t want ‘the back-of-the-boot’ company creating your corporate look. Choose a supplier that has many years of experience and industry specific knowledge. Select a supplier that services clients whose workwear you admire.
  • Ethics – Ethical sourcing and business practices shouldn’t be a by-the-way thing when it comes to your company’s workwear collection. Support a supplier that takes this as seriously as you do.
  • Customer service – Who has the time to deal with a supplier with a bad attitude? Connect with a supplier that is passionate about clothing and delivers service with a more than just a smile.

KARMA Clothing believes in and applies all of these values and so much more. We help corporates go from drab to fab with a wide selection of garment styles, shapes, and sizes.

KARMA Clothing supplies from ladies’ office wear and gents office wear, company uniforms to corporate uniform shirts. Contact us today for corporate wear made easy… and absolutely fabulous.

Looking to grow your brand identity? Corporate clothing is the answer!

If you look at the purpose of most brand strategies, it’s clear how effective corporate clothing is in building an identity.

According to Ask Your Target Market, a brand strategy is a “long-term plan for the development of a successful brand in order to achieve specific goals. A well-defined and executed brand strategy affects all aspects of business and is directly connected to consumer needs, emotions, and competitive environments.”

This definition of a brand strategy highlights the importance of having a strong brand strategy – because it affects every part of your business including your identity. Your brand identity can be defined as all the visual elements of your brand. And although corporate clothing is only one way to build a strong brand identity, it has been around for a very long time and has been proven to be very successful!

Jim Drain said “Clothing is viral, impermanent in a way that public art cannot be. So I like thinking of how corporate-created clothing can be seen as a form of public art.”

We just love that! Corporate workwear sends a powerful message and if you are trying to build or grow a brand identity, corporate clothing is a powerful and effective way to do it.

Advantages of using corporate clothing to build your brand identity

  • Practicality – Corporate workwear removes employees’ daily worry about what is appropriate clothing for work. It also solves the problem of balancing professionalism and comfort while still providing an opportunity for a sense of uniqueness through styles and colours. The employer can also avoid the under dressing/overdressing issue. If an organisation is more casual, the collection they choose can be more casual without opening themselves up to employees coming to work in sweatpants.


  • Corporate clothing has a positive influence on employees – It provides employees with a sense of belonging and equality. Research shows that corporate workwear helps employees identify more with the values, mission, and goals of an organisation. It makes them feel more accountable to uphold these principles and represent the company better. And ultimately, this builds your brand identity.


  • It increases professionalism and customer trust – Your brand immediately seems more professional if your team wears corporate clothing. Everyone is neat and comes across as professionals who take their work seriously. Customers also seem to trust companies who use corporate clothing more as it reflects high quality and leaves a better impression on your customer.


  • It increases visibility – It will be much easier for customers to spot your employees and find someone to help them if they need it. It also conveys authority, so customers will also trust your employees more.


  • It is free advertising – When adding your brand logo to corporate workwear you immediately gain a few extra sales people. As your employees go on their way, people notice the brand and your advertising spreads further and further.


  • It helps build and maintain a good brand image – Customers associate corporate clothing with big companies and it boosts customers’ confidence in your brand. People also like consistency in brands and corporate workwear provides plenty of that.


KARMA Clothing assists large and smaller companies with a wide selection of garment styles, shapes and sizes, for both ladies and men. We are a local manufacturer and use quality fabrics in modern and stylish corporate clothing collections.

KARMA Clothing is one of the few corporate clothing suppliers where elegance and precision endure. Contact us today to ensure your brand’s identity is coming across clearly and with style.

Redefine your work uniform wardrobe with the KARMA look.

Owning a work uniform is an added advantage to all your employees. It allows them to take control of their own look while adding to your corporate identity. Own your KARMA look.

Melissa Bolton stated “A brand is the way a business is personified in the minds of consumers” so how do you choose the best working uniform to remain prevalent in the minds of your customers?

Promote your company
Your businesses brand can be described as the “sum total of how someone perceives your company”. To promote your company you need to shape that perception.

One way to add your own stamp on your corporate wardrobe is through adding style to your corporate colour range. The trick is to select easy to wear work uniforms that can be integrated with your employees current work wardrobe. This will give a sense of identity and ownership of your corporate look.

Home of local fashion
Creating your unique corporate look is easy with a KARMA work uniform. You need to ensure that your investment in your corporate uniform is quality that lasts.

Most companies look to local producers of corporate garments which ensures their employees’ attire supports the local economy as much as their business does.

KARMA’s corporate clothing Johannesburg supplies not only South Africa but also into Africa, which means your brand can be carried through across the continent.

Grow your unique look
To get “buy-in” for your corporate business wardrobe you need to consider these five things;

  1. Practicality
  2. Comfort
  3. Structure
  4. Longevity
  5. Quality

Work uniform shirts should always look good and have a style that will stand the test of time. Choosing corporate clothing suppliers that understand the local market and produce quality items that last is imperative.

Corporate fashion musts
A work outfit should encompass more than the standard suit it should be chic and elegant. You can stop your employees from wondering what to wear to work and allow them to look stylish even when they are away from the office.

KARMA’s corporate wardrobe gives you more. More style, more comfort and more longevity.

Our range gives you the perfect mix of office appropriate attire. No matter if your working environment is ultra-corporate or has a creative edge, our design ensures your corporate personality shines.

With key items from the KARMA corporate collection you make dressing for the office a simple job.

Redefining office workwear
KARMA’s essential workwear items, with in-house design, means your stand out with modern corporate wear. We endeavour to stay true to our respected corporate clothing label while giving your brand the attention it deserves.

Kate Zabriskie once said that the customer’s perception is your reality.

Redefine your brand, become professional and comfy with KARMA. Shop the look and touch base with our team to make your KARMA wardrobe choice.

Invest in comfort and be cutting edge at the same time. Make sure that everyone showcases your corporate identity in style. Make them stand out in the minds of your customers for some brand recognition.