Fitted Office Tops

Business shirts should always be practical, comfortable and flattering and as it is worn close to the body, should always represent the figure in the most positive manner. The shirts within the KARMA Corporate Clothing range are structured with these basic principles in mind and not only represent a number of classical lines, but also elegant and modern styles.

At KARMA Corporate Clothing we approach the design of our business shirts in the same fashion as all the other garments within our range – with the emphasis on choice and figure appropriateness.

We believe that the selection of proper business shirts and one that best fits the body, whether more structured and fitted or alternatively more loose-fitting and flowing, is essential in order to create a successful business wear silhouette.

Corporate business shirts are worn with the premise that they are often not covered and are always in the focal point of a corporate clothing outfit. It is therefore essential that design and fit are correct. To offer a wider choice, most of the business shirts in our corporate wear range are available in Cap, Short, ¾ or Long sleeve.

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Some of the Fitted Office Tops in the KARMA Corporate Clothing range:

Shell Top

Code: 300
Description: No Collar, Sleeveless, 2 Side Zips

V-Neck Top

Code: 14
Description: No Collar, Shaped Neckline, Sleeveless, Closed Back

Assymetric Top

Code: 12
Description: No Collar, Long Sleeve

Karma Top

Code: 248
Description: No Collar, Sleeveless, V‐Back

Layered Top

Code: 139
Description: No Collar, Sleeveless, Closed Back

Oval Neck Top

Code: 312
Description: No Collar, Sleeveless

Roundneck Waistcoat

Code: 336
Description: No Collar, Sleeveless, 6 Buttons

Slit Fitted Top

Code: 345
Description: No Collar, Shaped Neckline, Longer Top