The South African business sector is in trouble. In a noisy marketplace thick with competitors—it’s easy for your brand’s voice to be lost.  In fact, 63% of marketers consider generating traffic and leads and measuring ROI as some of their biggest challenges. Why? The marketing landscape is evolving—not only is it about who shouts the loudest but if you want to be recognised as a notable brand, then you have to play all your cards to get a winning hand. And employee branded uniforms hit the ball right out of the park. 

A rising global trend and a powerful marketing winner, many businesses appreciate the power of sporting smart employee corporate uniforms. Not only is it the one marketing campaign where you will see the quickest and the best return on your investment, but this marketing genius offers businesses a wide range of benefits that no other form of marketing can match. 


  • 1. Boosts customer trust and loyalty

    Building solid, lasting relationships depend on how much your customers trust your employees, your brand and its values—and this is where staff uniforms steer perception. The more your prospects and customers see your employees dressed in smart, fashionable office apparel, the better the chance they will remember you first when deciding who to do business with. Once trust is established, loyalty follows—and corporate staff clothing can go a long way in sustaining both.

  • 2. Creates a positive impression for your company

    Whether you like it or not, society judges people on how they look, and if you want to be distinguished as a likeable and powerful brand, then you need to polish your image by dressing your employees for success. A uniform culture gives off the impression of authority and knowledge, and if the uniform is up to standard, then an employee will feel professional and therefore exude professionalism, rubbing off on the customer. Highly praised as a tactical means to make an organisation look powerful—when employees wear smart and stylish branded office clothing, the perception is one of professionalism, credibility and business.

  • 3. Fosters equality and morale in the workplace

    Offering consistency in dress code, not only does a uniform culture create a professional environment, but it has a significant impact on employee confidence and attitude. Branded employee uniforms have the power to make your employees feel smart and look sophisticated, which increases employee morale and productivity. When you provide your employees with high-quality, attractive work uniforms, they will feel a lot better about themselves, giving them a sense of belonging and ownership of the company they work for. 

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  • 4. It saves employees money

    The office wear scene is competitive and keeping up with all the latest fashion trends can be hard as not everyone can afford to have a stylish and elegant collection of work attire. But when you dress your employees in smart staff wear, you remove this competitive element from the workplace, allowing your employees to put their money to better use. And let’s face it, in our economy, what employee couldn’t use the extra money?

  • 5. 24/7 brand visibility means FREE advertising

    Irrelevant of the products or services you provide, if you’re a business spending in the tens of thousands on print and media, then you need to rethink your advertising campaign. Studies show that over 70% of all print advertising gets tossed out before it is even read—and in today’s hard-hit economy—can you really afford to be flushing your advertising budget away?

    Mobile and functional, professional uniforms beat print and media advertising hands down—and the best part is, it costs a fraction of the price. From the moment your employees step out their front door in the morning, your branded uniforms start working for FREE. From the bus, train, restaurant, coffee shop, gym, and supermarket to the bank – wherever your employees go, your advertising will go too. Guaranteeing repeat exposure that lasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, employee uniforms have the power to draw in new clients and remind existing ones that you exist and that you care.


A proven, successful marketing tool 

As the greatest salesman you will ever have, branded corporate clothing is still, and will always be the best, most successful marketing strategy. A recommended way of improving your image, bettering brand awareness and driving sales right up while saving hundreds of thousands in advertising costs each year, a uniform extends your culture and brand. When employees are proud of how they look, it flows through to the culture, impacting the customer experience. At KARMA Clothing, we believe that every business should strive for that kind of culture.

Stand out from the competition in our high-fashion, professional branded clothing

At KARMA Clothing, we know how easy it is for a brand to drown in a pool of competitors. As South Africa’s foremost local manufacturers and suppliers of stylish branded work clothes, we know how to make a big splash with our contemporary, fashion-forward uniform designs. Whether you’re adopting corporate or promotional clothing for the first time, or you’re looking to rebrand, we can help you reap the many benefits that come with a practical, comfortable, professional and fashionable corporate wardrobe.

Aligning image with identity, we believe that employee uniforms should be just as important as the job itself, and we also believe that branding with the right corporate logos and colours are fundamental to ensure maximum exposure. Offering an efficient, meticulous and affordable logo embroidery branding service, we have our very own in-house branding departmentand we also deliver to your door. 

Browse our corporate uniform catalogue to view our vast selection of uniform designs in various styles, colours and fits. Alternatively, contact us for bespoke clothing design for your team. We have successfully helped many businesses throughout South Africa build their image, achieve brand awareness and better their sales—and we can help you do the same. 

We are the smart choice as your employee uniform designers, manufacturers and suppliers. Learn more about our custom uniform design service at the link below.

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