As an on-the-go working professional, it can be difficult to find the right balance when looking for outfits to suit your workspace. You want items that can be combined to produce an end product that not only makes you feel feminine & confident but also professional and practical – ready to take on the busy week ahead!

For this line, we’ve decided to collaborate with a dynamic businesswoman that has established herself as a successful professional in both the beauty and modelling industry, Cindy Nell. 

“No one day is the same for me and my wardrobe needs to be as versatile and adaptable as my life. I am obsessed with clothing that can multitask. Styles that can go from the school run to the boardroom to a night out. Together with KARMA’s expertise and experience in the clothing industry, we present the CindyNell xKARMA limited Capsule Collection. Some of my favourite and most wearable #feelgood items.”

This is how Cindy decides to select her outfits, with styles that can adapt to any task or event that may come up on the spur of the moment. We believe our collaboration has produced items that blend sophistication and practicality, with a variety of pairing options that will work for your body and draw attention to your desired features. 


The All-Seasons Blazer

The All-Seasons Blazer is an incredibly versatile piece that brings a sleek, smart edge to a variety of outfit combinations. It’s comprised of imported suit fabric that stretches slightly for complete comfort. It’s a blazer with double-breasted design and the front is fitted with gold buttons that look exquisite.

It’s versatile and can be paired with a number of different items within our existing lines to create the perfect mix between feminine, functional and professional. 

A more formal approach may include picking a pair of bootleg cut trousers that accentuate the waist and bring shape to your thighs. Ordinarily, this cut widens out below the knee and cuts off just over the ankle – which is an opportunity to show a glimmer of a sleek pair of pumps, heels or peep-toe leather sandals. 

It’s also great for “dressing up” something more comfortable and can turn your outfit from just casual to an elegant, smart-casual ensemble. Cindy decides on a pair of slim-cut blue jeans to add a pop of colour and wears snug yet stylish white sneakers for comfort while rushing around during a busy workweek. 

She ties the look together sporting the All-Seasons Blazer over a plain white t-shirt. A t-shirt with a placid colour allows Cindy to draw attention to the blazer, and not distract from the element of her outfit which adds a sleek, professional spin. This combination makes Cindy feel confident, elegant and at ease, with enough flexibility to take on practical tasks each day. 

Cindy Nell black all seasons blazer
Cindy Nell all seasons blazer

Day2Night Jumpsuit

This pick is a mix of comfortable and fiercely fashionable.

The Day2Night jumpsuit combines the freedom of loosely fitting breathable material with striking colours that turn heads in any workplace. It comes in red, navy and black with a sophisticated bootleg cut that tightens around the torso and widens below the knee to perch on the top of your choice of office footwear.

It’s loose-fitting yet elegant design allows you to feel calm yet confident, and ready to take on any task at hand. It has a refined feel and stylishly hangs off the left shoulder, lending itself to subtly reveal part of your neckline.

Cindy pairs this look with a clutch purse or over-the-shoulder handbag, as well as a scarf or thin, tasteful belt to cinch her waist and created stunning curvature. It’s also versatile as both formal and casual footwear options match well with the flow of the dress – from pumps and heels to stylish sneakers and peep-toe leather sandals.

Cindy Nell red day to night jumpsuit back
Cindy Nell red day to night jumpsuit

Fitted Back Zip Dress

The BackZip Dress has a classy and cutting edge feel. It’s open towards the top and brings your neckline to life while opening up your chest and shoulders. By contrast, the dress narrows around the torso, allowing you to accentuate your waistline and create an hourglass shape overall as the material hugs your hips and widens slightly over your thighs. 

The cut of the dress ends just above the knee, allowing you to show off your legs and match the style of the outfit with your favourite pair of pumps, heels or leather loafers.

It’s a sleek outfit that creates a striking, professional impression in any corporate space. Its formal appeal comes from the fitted nature of the dress which is firm around the torso and opens around the shoulders. The cut leaves the arms and legs exposed to provide you with the freedom-of-movement you need for practical tasks and running around during a busy day.

If the weather is cool and you’re worried about keeping warm while looking fashionable, you could pair the fitted dress with a larger coat to drape over your shoulders, such as the Saturn Coat. It’s winter weighted material and flowing form contrasts the BackZip Dress’ tighter fit and creates warmth, while keeping your ensemble looking timeless and elegant.

Cindy Nell fitted back zip dress
Cindy Nell fitted back zip dress

Keyhole Dress

The keyhole dress follows a similar style in terms of length and it’s fitted fabric design appeals to those looking to create draw emphasis to an elegant yet professional appearance. It’s slightly longer than the BackZip Dress, hanging down just past the knee, and it’s fitted form mainly focuses on tightening the waist, torso and upper body. The bottom of the dress is more open from the hips down and provides more freedom around the thighs.

The design includes short sleeves, and a small open pocket of space near the bust of the dress to add a revealing and stylistic edge. The top of your neckline is left open with a softly curved cut towards the top of the dress, across the shoulders. As a complete outfit, the Keyhole Dress can be paired with a classic pair of pumps or even peep-toe sandals, to complete a sophisticated impression.

keyhole dress navy
keyhole dress navy

The Zetula Blouse

This blouse really brings an elegant element to many outfits you can wear around the office and/or in a corporate environment. Its style is loose-fitting with the fabric flowing from the shoulders just below the waist in soft, subtle layers. Its loose fit is an asset to your outfit as you can contrast the blouse with a tighter fitting skirt, like the Front-Slit Skirt, or tapered trousers, to create a versatile style.

The natural flow of the material and its loose form means that the fabric doesn’t lend itself to extra stretching and is hard to crease. The collar can be left unbuttoned to reveal your neckline and open up your shoulders and suit the style of the blouse’s loose fit overall. It also means you can cinch the top with a thin belt to draw attention to your waistline and provide more shape for your ensemble.

The flowing, “free-form” style of the blouse allows for breathability and bares your forearms with a sleek cut that curves just below the elbow. It also helps in the practical sense as it creates room for freedom of movement for the on-the-go working professional.

the zetula blouse
the zetula blouse

Working in a corporate environment used to mean drab, plain clothing that brought out less of your personality and focused more on conforming to a strict, structured system. 

We believe in twisting this outdated narrative and turning it on its head with corporate wear that shows off your character while creating a professional impression in the work environment.

Pick the perfect combination to take on a busy workweek. Whether you’re going for something striking, understated, formal, or a chic smart-casual look, we have options to tie together your ideal work outfit. 

Choose from a stunning selection of skirts, shirts, jackets, blouses, denim, tapered trousers and bootleg cuts and put together the perfect attire to feel confident and on-the-ball in the business world. Visit our shop to enjoy our luxurious line of women’s corporate wear, ideal for the busy working professional looking to showcase their presence in the workplace. 

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