KARMA Corporate Wear hasn’t looked back since entering the dynamic world of quality, versatile corporate clothing design in 1998.

The brand, which has been built on the foundation of high-quality clothing fabric, redefining trend styles, quality garment assembly, as well as superior customer service, is exceptionally excited with the fact that our nation is slowly awakening to a new dawn – a new President before national elections, new economic prospects, greater promises for reform.

You may need to excuse our excitement a little. Our optimism is the result of the expectant changing tide for the clothing and textile sector in South Africa and that’s a huge plus for us.

At the end of 2017, reports indicated that even though the textile industry was one of the hardest hit by globalisation and increased competition (following the opening of the country’s borders to global markets post 1994) and many manufacturers and producers were opting to make their merchandise abroad to cut costs, the numbers are looking up for businesses in this sector and for us, as corporate clothing manufacturers.

The colder seasons are fast approaching, but our team (and probably many fellow South Africans) are optimistic about the future and our full range of corporate clothing is set to stick on the minds of many. (Don’t let the increase in VAT matter stress you too much).

We are standing to attention, ready to continue pioneering everlasting trends in corporate wear and large company uniform orders, that break the barriers that have always prevailed in professional settings – where colour palettes and fashion-forward cuts and silhouettes were completely unheard of.

The hub of our creative and design operations is at our factory in Wynberg, Johannesburg, and our skilled staff show the full diversity and capability of employing locally and producing quality garments locally.

Over the years, we have remained committed to the local manufacturing sector, job creation, and economic growth and that commitment can only grow in leaps and bounds with the dawn of our new political and economic stability.

KARMA Corporate Wear’s range of corporate clothing provides a perfect style equilibrium of comfort, quality, and durability, and the garments are available in a range of exquisite fabrics, rich colour tones and are fit for women of any body type.

The office is a serious, professional environment but your daily office style doesn’t have to be.

It’s always important to stay in tune with the current trends but not to necessarily follow each trend to the T. True style is a balance between your clothing, even if it is a company uniform, morphing effortlessly with your personality and ‘announcing’ your arrival before your mouth has had the chance to utter a ‘good morning’.

Here at KARMA, we believe in understanding our audience better, to enable us to create corporate clothing that gels with their life – professionally and personally. In a nutshell, we stand by the analogy that: Fashion will always do its own thing, but personal style is what will always stand the test of time.

Our scissors and sewing machines are fuelled up and ready. Come to us with all your corporate garment purchases or your large orders for company uniforms that will give staff a new lease on life and a refreshed outlook to their daily 9-5.

Get in touch with us anytime.

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