Corporates are realising that style endures & local corporate clothing suppliers need to ensure their design allows for success through elegance & precision. The great Coco Chanel highlighted in one of her many phrases that “Fashion changes but style endures” and this is what we at KARMA live by.

We have touched on the importance your corporate identity while encouraging individual style to encourage success through clever corporate wear and uniforms.

Where employees are empowered by design and comfort as well as given the opportunity to focus on the important tasks at hand while enjoying a sense of belonging.

Elegance belongs at work

Corporate clothing South Africa has come a long way in terms of the simple uniform. Women are more empowered than ever and celebrating our curves while shouting a statement of chic has become the everyday want of every employee.

Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” stated “Be humble. Be hungry. AND always be the hardest worker in the room.” Through clever wardrobe choices from Corporate Clothing Suppliers you enable your teams to feel motivated while backing each individual in presenting your corporate image and reputation.

Employees should form part of your visual brand

Everyone talks customer loyalty. We shout Employee advocacy from the roof tops.

Creating a sense of belonging, showing recognition and implementing sleek couture where your corporate clothing echo’s precision, quality and excellence ensures your work force feel elegant and powerful enough to “take over the world”.

KARMA, corporate clothing manufacturers believe “The key to corporate elegance is not only being noticed, but being remembered.”

Service, Delivery and Excellence as a way of life

The definition of “Corporate identity” is making business strategy visible through design. What better way than through quality corporate uniforms from trusted corporate clothing suppliers, who not only have an understanding of innovative manufacturing principles but also give specialised advice and recommendations based on trends and corporate identity.

Just as you expect your employees to have an energetic, loyal and professional approach, so to do KARMA. Things rings true with their “unequalled service”.

A solid corporate uniform and brand acceptance

In the quest to become an accepted and trusted brand within your industry, a strong corporate identity can be achieved through the implementation of a corporate uniform.

Each item of your corporate wardrobe;

  • builds your unique identity
  • encourages brand acceptance
  • sends a consistent message

A shirt is no longer just a shirt. It is an arsenal for your team. A statement. A weapon of choice, to be worn with pride and style.

Your brand should not be a fashion accessory. It should exude style and sophistication and be a brand that is one to remember.

The hardest choice in business

It’s not finding your Corporate Clothing Suppliers. The hardest decision is determining if your brand is contemporary or edgy i.e. what message do you want to portray?

Always important to remember though is “comfort and style on the go”. Speak to us at KARMA and let us make you stand out from the rest.

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