Corporate clothing for confident women

The media often gives women and men a certain body type to aspire to that isn’t very realistic. This can be very discouraging for ladies with fuller figures. But there’s nothing better than loving your curves and embracing your body for what it is.

Because of society’s preference for smaller-figured women, it’s often difficult to find stylish, fashionable corporate clothing for curvy women in South Africa.

Recently, there has been a lot of criticism regarding clothing sizes in South Africa. Often, retailers import clothing from other countries where body types are different to those in our country.

But, more than that, sizes are often irregular – a size 40 in one store is not the same as a size 40 in another and often stores don’t offer plus-size clothing at all! Or, when plus-size garments are available, they are frumpy, matronly and misshapen. Fashionable or sophisticated clothes shouldn’t only be available in small sizes.

But, even if you do find that stunning dress in your size and it fits like a glove, it’s exorbitantly expensive, and after two washes, it shrinks.

Plus size women should be able to embrace their curvy bodies in beautiful clothing and be confident doing so. We understand that women come in all shapes and sizes and that’s why all our garments come in a size 30 to size 48. A garment in our smallest size and our largest size costs exactly the same because why should you pay more?

We strive to provide full-figured women with great options on what to wear to work so that they look and feel confident. What you wear can help confidence levels tremendously. There needs to be acceptance and love for all body types because every woman has the right to look stylish and chic so that they’re ready to rock that boardroom meeting or proposal lunch.  

For a wide range of stylish office attire, view our Women’s Corporate Wear in all sizes!

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