Every year, the work calendar and the stresses of deadlines and “WOW” concepts comes and goes. Likewise, with every passing year, corporate clothing trends make an entrance, promise to stay the stylish test of time and if they’re indeed fabulous enough, they do.

2017 was no different for the textile style world and more so, for us at KARMA Corporate Clothing.

Our corporate wear range, available for purchase on our online shopping platform, showed month after month that “work clothes” no longer means ‘bland and repetitive styling and it absolutely doesn’t mean suits, blazers, starched shirts, and a straight cut pair of trousers.

The effortless, quality tailoring of our ensembles (worn as a pair or equally gorgeous when worn apart) are the perfect corporate wear get-up to take you from the office to a dinner table, in a variety of lengths and textures.

This year saw brighter colours coming out to play in a big way. The evolution of the workplace and changes in codes of conduct have shifted to allow a better alignment between the professional job and the style persona of the working girl doing the job. Pastels, cerise pinks and bright yellows, plus varying shades of blues have clearly demonstrated that a “business colour palette” is a thing of the past.

To continually ensure optimal style and relevance to our KARMA ladies, we thought it fit to wrap up the year with a list of our Top 10 corporate wear best sellers:

  1. The Bootleg Trouser
  2. The Alrai Trouser
  3. The Patri Jacket
  4. The Keyhole Dress
  5. The Gucci Shirt
  6. The Pleiona Cami
  7. The Vogue Shirt
  8. The Tapered Trouser
  9. The Venus Trouser
  10. The Classic Blouse

A quick look at this list and anyone with a knack for modernity can see from a mile away that nothing about our quality design and consistent setting of trends promotes being “fashion safe”. We don’t do safe and we don’t do easy. A professional, power woman deserves to be anything but safe when she steps into a boardroom, and our years of corporate wear manufacturing and styling is right on cue to help. In addition, the launch of our Denim Collection in October, was a sure-fire way to prove that corporate clothing needn’t be a bland humdrum of various pieces that do not complement or accentuate one another. The key has always been in purchasing Statement Pieces that form a solid foundation for your wardrobe and then occasionally adding ‘accents’ that make your daily office ensembles turn heads.

The least of your professional worries should be “how to best balance” the act of dressing appropriately for corporate, while having fun with your style.

January to December, our design expertise have your back, corporately.

If the revolution is truly coming, one should at least make sure they’re stylishly suited for the situation and with corporate clothing moving from boxy, ill-fitting monotone colours, to vibrant, interchangeable pieces with exquisite flair, a KARMA piece is as good a choice as any.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.

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