Usually it’s the Hollywood stars and models that tend to set trends for the rest of the world. As we follow their stylish dress sense we incorporate bits and pieces into our wardrobes and daily fashion wear. However it can be difficult to include some of these trends into business clothing.

Dressing for the office and for meetings on a daily basis can be difficult. Often working in a corporate environment puts strain on one’s creativity with regards to finding corporate clothing that still reflects fashion trends. Getting dressed for the office shouldn’t mean that personal style needs to be left at home. The important part is balancing the two so that the outcome resembles a polished, professional look that includes one’s own personal style or perhaps fashion trends.

There is generally one rule that should be followed with regards to corporate clothing. Although fashion trends may lead people in one direction, any piece of clothing or jewelry that is distracting is not appropriate for the office environment. This does not mean that an outfit cannot be dressed up using the odd fashion trend, but being over-the- topor too adventurous is never a good idea.

There are a few points that should be considered when choosing the right corporate clothing.

  • Colours play an important role (don’t be too daring, stick to softer, more neutral colours or browns and black)
  • Fit is everything (not too tight, not too loose)
  • Always wear corporate clothing that you are comfortable in (do not sacrifice personal comfort for fashion)
  • Nothing heavily branded (unless supplied by the company)
  • Very high heels are distracting
  • Men’s pants and jacket should always match
  • Tie colours should be subtle

Often corporate clothing that is available in the stores, reflects the fashion trends that are currently making waves. The problem with these fashion trends is that they die out as quickly as they come in. It is for this reason that corporate clothing should never entirely be influenced by these flashes of fashion.

Corporate clothing cuts and designs do tend to get monotonous from store to store. There are however other ways in which professionals or anyone in the corporate arena is able to find corporate clothing with a difference.

Karma Clothing offers a wide variety of corporate clothing, office wear and boardroom wear for both men and women. Talented in- house designers have incorporated sophistication and touches of trend to liven up any corporate look.

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