Our weather is getting warmer and corporate wear is getting in line to show off in a big way.

The days of simply matching a black suit with a white shirt, or throwing on a solid navy shift dress are dead and buried.

We’ve all heard the saying: “First impressions are lasting.” So, without a doubt, any self-affirming, career-driven lady, with a smartphone and a television will know of the latest in ladies’ office wear and of course, want to be right on trend with them. Whether it’s a stylist pant suit or a smashing dress with a stunner silhouette, fashion for the office has taken on a modern turn and KARMA Corporate Clothing is standing at the front of the line to keep corporate, current.

About a decade ago (a lifetime in internet years), corporate wear could be interpreted as a look with minimal colour, stark pinstripes, stiff fabrics and ill-cut fits. This was the acceptable norm and whatever stress one had when picking an outfit for work in the mornings, they kept to themselves. The lack of variety and personality in ladies’ office wear was a silent, plain palette struggle, but not anymore.

Even though company dress codes are one of life’s unwritten rules, a little variety and touch of individualistic je ne sais quoi surely doesn’t hurt and won’t bring the boardroom agendas to a screeching halt.

Here are a few of the shifts in ladies’ office wear:

  1. Variety

Clothing racks are looking nothing like they did a decade ago. Professionals are spoilt for choice with affordability, style, structured cuts and different fabrics. The modern feel to current corporate wear trends is expanding the industry in big way and people have a better understanding of the fact that “Your professional is an extension of your human appearance.” The corporate look isn’t something your take off at 5PM, it evolves with you.

  1. Change in Corporate Mindsets

People are changing the clothes they walk into the office with so in turn, the office has had to adapt and a fashion forward second look at their dress code bylaws. We’re past the part where plunging necklines and short hemlines were a distraction to colleagues. Now, hemlines are appropriately designed to fit different shapes and body sizes and as a result, better ladies’ office wear is bettering the esteem and overall productivity of executives.

  1. Local, expert manufacturing

The umbrella of corporate wear has not sprinted to new contemporary trends and forgotten about company uniforms. The take on the conventional office uniform has also received a revamp and product offerings are giving a plethora of benefits to companies that take on that option.

For companies that want to keep to the tune of uniformity, quality fabrics and luxe designs, for all shapes and tastes are the way to go. An added perk is a manufacturer like KARMA Corporate Clothing, that produces exquisite quality locally and ensures optimal delivery time.

Old corporate’s boring, stiff uniform is out, and comfortable interchangeable items are in. Employees are dressing fabulously and representing the brand in the best possible light. If that doesn’t boost employee morale, we don’t know what else will.

  1. One investment item at a time

A take on ladies’ office wear does not have to break the bank. Our range of quality items gives freedom to purchase a blouse as a start or a tailored suit as a staple investment.

We have different colours for the ever-classic pencil skirt, which turns heads at every corner paired with a blazer. The style opportunities are endless and a return visit to our online store is always welcomed.

To the fashion-savvy professional, this shift in the corporate wear industry sees the perfect balancing act of bringing job-friendly, exquisite garments that can easily transfer the wearer from the office desk to the dinner table. It is fashion tailoring like never before.

Our team continually updates our knowledge of trends and our expertise on corporate wardrobes. Get in touch for expert corporate styling advice or to simply understand the trendy uptake on office wear.

Join the trend train. Rejuvenate the power suit, brighten the shift dress and open the eyes of the boardroom to the endless possibilities of appropriate corporate wear – beyond ‘just a uniform’.

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