When It comes to the corporate clothing options that women are given in clothing stores these days, the one major aspect (amongst others) that has been neglected, is comfort. Comfort often comes second or even third to style and appearance.

In the corporate world when long hours are a given, business clothing should be comfortable enough to wear without having to adjust any part of the garment.

KARMA Clothing together with a talented team of in-house designers provides boardroom appropriate, office wear and suits as a part of their corporate clothing range. An elegant during/after hour work range is produced so that business days can become business nights with a simple change of an item.

Through keeping comfort top of mind when designing women’s corporate clothing, KARMA Clothing has taken a fresh approach to the design of the garments. By combining classic trends, a splash of fashion, (different for each seasonal line) and a revitalised approach towards each design, corporate clothing is not only elegant and sophisticated but it offers a comfortable alternative to the corporate clothing that one usually finds in clothing stores.

KARMA Clothing supplies a range of corporate clothing items.

  • Business jackets
  • Business shirts
  • Business pants
  • Business skirts
  • Office tops

The capsule collection consists of a variety of different styles mentioned in each type of corporate clothing above.  A broad choice of colours is available so that corporate clothing best suits the likes of a particular person.

If so desired, different designs and patterns will certainly add a personal touch and excitement to a garment. By contacting KARMA Clothing directly, clients are able to order their item/s of corporate clothing.

Comfort should not be sacrificed for busy business days. Corporate clothing is an extension of the busy business woman and when she is comfortable and feels elegant, it shows.

To view KARMA’s Clothing catalogue , click here

For more information contact KARMA Clothing on 011 262 2995 | Email Karin@karmaclothing.co.za

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