Business Wear

We believe that no other garment in a corporate wear wardrobe expresses the success of a business-like appearance than the absolute essential jacket. Business jackets can either seal a corporate look with approval, or blemish the entire corporate clothing effort.

With this in mind the business jackets in the KARMA Corporate Clothing range have been designed to successfully envelope a diverse business wear interpretation. This essential corporate clothing item not only finishes off a professional, corporate look, but a well fitted corporate jacket will compliment the figure.

We believe that a woman should wear a jacket and not the jacket wear a woman.

The designs of our corporate business jackets not only allow for preference and comfort, but also suitability and appropriateness

  • Classical 2 button business jackets
  • Longer 3 button business jackets
  • Modern cropped jacket

We believe that we are able to offer a suitable tailored-like, corporate clothing look through a large selection of business jackets in our office wear range. In addition, we also appreciate the necessity to offer our corporate clothing range for climate appropriateness. Most of our business jackets are available in either long or short sleeves.

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Some of the business jackets in the KARMA Corporate Clothing range:

Tailored Jacket

Code: 12
Description: 3 Buttons, Mid-Hip Length, Lined

Patri Jacket

Code: 266
Description: Second Hip Length, Pocketflaps, Linded

Longer Patri Jacket

Code: 270
Description: 3 Buttons, Above the knee Length, Pocket Flap, Lined

Musso Jacket

Code: 220
Description: 1 Button, First Hip Length, Mook Jet Pocket, Lined

Dynamo Zip Up Jacket

Code: 255
Description: Front Zip, First Hip Length, Pocket Flap, Lined

Coat Jacket

Code: 253
Description: 3 Buttons, Ankle Length, Pocket Flaps, Lined

Sacred Jacket

Code: 333
Description: 6 Buttons, First Hip Length, Double Breast, Lined

Bolero Jacket

Code: 333
Description: No Buttons, Under Bust Length