We live in a time where ladies are no longer expected to wear suits in unfeminine colours, shapes and styles. In fact sophistication, style and comfort should be the key components to any lady’s corporate wardrobe.

Many women feel that they cannot look appealing and be taken seriously at the same time, within the working environment. When worn correctly, women’s corporate clothing can be extremely flattering however still offer a professional and sophisticated business look. Sharper and more tailored clothing has the potential to indicate confidence however it is also important that the corporate clothing is tasteful and elegant. There are a few ways to achieve an accessible and sophisticated corporate clothing image.

Tailored Clothing

Tailored corporate clothing accentuates curves and body shapes, whilst providing ladies with more fitting corporate clothing look. Tailored corporate clothing is a modern attitude – it is inclusive of style, charisma and shows that you have a point of view. Embrace the more fitted and shapely styles, your feminine curves will be applauding this.

Brighten Up

Bright colours should always be kept to a maximum of 3 articles at a time. It is important not to wear too many colours at once as it not only takes attention away from the strengths of the corporate outfit, it also starts to clash or become overbearing. Colours always work best when wearing a dark pair of pants or suit.

Hair and Accessories

Delicate & feminine jewellery can add a bit of character to a corporate image. Since a sexy and sophisticated corporate look can be a bit severe, both gold and silver finer jewellery will soften the overall look.

Although most ladies prefer to wear their hair down at work, pulling it back into a clip will add some extra prettiness to your sophisticated corporate image. Sleek pony tails are also an ideal option in the workplace.

It is important to emanate control whilst dressing for success in the workplace. Every aspect of your corporate image will portray something. Whilst looking confident and sophisticated you are able to demand respect in the office environment. Remember comfort is equal to confidence.

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