Appearance plays a huge part of every first impression in the corporate world. Being the first article that is seen, clothing reflects personal style, your level of professionalism as well as assumptions of personality. Remembering to dress professionally rather than overly trendy can be difficult for both men and women.

Men’s corporate clothing as well as women’s corporate clothing comes in a variety of colours, styles, patterns and fabrics. There is certainly nothing wrong with trying to get creative, mixing and matching and being adventurous with the corporate clothing that you wear to the office. However, remembering your corporate ID is of great importance and ensuring that you don’t overdo it, is critical.

Men’s Corporate Clothing

The number one thing for all men to remember when it comes to dressing for the office, boardroom or for clients, is that fit is King. Too often men tend to wear clothes that are too large. The ideal size is one that hugs the shape of your body, without being tight.

Keeping up a simple yet sophisticated corporate look is important. No more than 3 pieces of accessories should be worn at once, as it may steer away from looking professional. Likewise, combining more than 3 colours is often risky and certainly extremely difficult to wear confidently.

Top Tips for Men’s Corporate Clothing

  • Match your belt to your shoes
  • Co-ordinate ties and shirts
  • Socks should be a similar shade to pants
  • Invest in a watch that suits your lifestyle and taste
  • If you wear glasses, invest in a couple different frames

Women’s Corporate Clothing

Women’s business attire is comprised of a much larger variety than what is available for men. This usually makes dressing for business, a lot more challenging. Apart from fabrics, styles and colours, women have a selection of accessories and make- up which add a huge amount of weight to the overall corporate look.

Colour is possibly the most important aspect for women to remember with regards to corporate clothing. Not only does it affect the overall professional image, it always influences the level of femininity that the individual wishes to portray.

The Story Colours Tell…

There are of course various versions with regard to what sort of impression various colours give off or tell about an individual. However when choosing a corporate clothing colour, the most important thing to remember is that if you are not comfortable and confident in the colour, it will not compliment you in any way.

Top Tips for Women’s Corporate Clothing

  • Avoid lengthy slits in skirts
  • Dress up denim with a formal jacket
  • Panty- hose should match the tone of your skin
  • Wear tailored clothing
  • Avoid pattern extremes

Both men’s corporate clothing styles and women’s corporate clothing styles will differ according to the individual. As long as the level of comfort and professionalism are appropriate and the basics are ticked, your corporate clothing wardrobe should compliment your requirements and taste.

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