As a businesswoman you not only have your career to juggle but possibly a family and social life too. Who has time to spend in traffic? If you have an evening office function or evening out with friends planned, doesn’t it make more sense to plan ahead and make sure that yourcorporate clothing can successfully be tweaked into a glamorous evening look?

With spring around the corner your corporate clothing will too blossom into bursts of colour, stylish shapes and flattering cuts. However, when dressing for the office there is no need to restrict yourself. Looking professional is key but adding personal style and subtle undertones is a sure way of feeling confident and comfortable. Converting your corporate clothing office look into a sleek evening look is as simple as it sounds. We at KARMA Clothing believe in not only comfort but in a woman that exudes confident femininity : day or night.

Converting your corporate clothing look into a sophisticated evening look need not require you going home after work. In fact it doesn’t even at times require a change of clothing.

From Boardroom to Glamour in 5 Minutes

The best way to transform your day look into a dazzling evening or cocktail look is to use what lies beneath. Your corporate clothing can easy double up and by wearing a sparkly or jewel- tone top with a pair of business pants or a business skirt you can very easily tone it down with a complimentary business jacket during the day. Removing the jacket and replacing it with a shawl if the weather requires it, will make for a sophisticated evening image.

The classic “little black dress” is also the ideal double up outfit as it can be worn with a blazer or buttoned cardigan during the day. When the blazer or cardigan is buttoned up it will look as though you are wearing a business skirt.

Dressing the Garment

Switching accessories is the easiest way to turn your corporate look into something a little more fitting for an evening event. Replacing stud or hoop earrings with a pair of chandelier earrings will add some character and drama to an outfit. There are various other swops that can be done in just under 5 minutes:

  • Change your pumps or low heels for stilettos, metallic sandals or open toes
  • Exchange jewellery for more ornate pieces
  • Swap your big day bag for an elegant clutch
  • Touch up your make- up: another layer of mascara, darker lipstick or lip gloss, smoky eyes, blush
  • Add decorative hairclips or a bit of mousse for volume

Regardless of the time of year, a bit of pre- planning will ensure that your corporate clothing is easily transformed into a comfortable yet stylish after- hours look.

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