Celebrating our unique South African curves by taking corporate wear for women to the next level. It’s more than just a uniform, it is a statement of chic.

When Jose Dos Santos made his faux pas earlier this year, women of corporate South Africa united, proving that not only can they battle the old school mindset but that corporate wear for women empowers engagement and office dynamics through their individuality.

Women in the workplace
Gone are the days where uniformity meant controlling environments. Welcome to the 21st century, where individuality is celebrated in uniformity. Corporate uniform shirts not only empower, they add dynamism and chic to the office environment.

Office workwear has become sophisticated. As the old Monday to Friday, 9 – 5 regime no longer applies to modern workwomen, so too has the business of fashion evolved. Hip hugging and curves are a staple, proving flexibility is the way forward for South African corporates.

The question comes in “how do I choose that one essential wardrobe piece, the perfect outfit?”

Celebrate your curves
“Fashion is an essential weapon in any woman’s workplace armory” It needs to be love at first sight. Office style that will keep you cool under pressure.

Corporate clothing for women needs to be simple and classy. The Center of Talent Innovation stated in a report that “Leadership roles are given to those who also look and act the part.” Investing in corporate wear for women, with a tailored appeal means you can “suit up” and make people sit up and notice you.

1st Impressions last
Whether you be client facing or managing, looking your best is essential. From your 1st interview to your last boardroom meeting. Your corporate wear should allow for flexibility and an air of class.

Choosing your style to match your lifestyle as well as ensuring your work outfit is functional while remaining chic means the problem of flinging open your wardrobe doors and crying out “I have nothing to wear” will be no more.

Here are 5 classic corporate shirts, matched to a specific personality, so you can look good every day and own the office;

  1. for women who are strong and have panache [ERIDIAN]
  2. for the mentor with intellectual intrigue [KUMA]
  3. for the bold and sharp who own the boardroom [AVIOR]
  4. for the empowered and women who WOW [VOGUE]
  5. for the stylish rebel who is unique [RAVEN]

Distinct sophistication
Corporate wear for women has changed through the ages. From the 1920’s low cut V-neck blouse to the 1950’s sleeveless round neck shirts, the hunt for sophistication has morphed and grown throughout history.

The trick to the 21st century is climbing the corporate ladder while remaining on trend and distinctly you.

How do you ensure you “remain in style”? By choosing select women’s corporate wear that will stand the test of time. Leaving you confident and empowered. Whether you want slim-line, cuffs, collars, pleats or pencils, make sure your work wear is form-fitting.
Show off those South African hips with curve hugging wide legged trousers or impress with slim cut tailored jackets or dominate the boardroom in a classic length dress.

Dear Mr Jose “Fashion empowers women.” Watch out corporate South Africa KARMA is here.


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