Corporate uniforms are transforming the work place. Reinvent yourself and succeed in business through transformation and style, to reach a new level of chic.
Zig Ziglar once said “You cannot climb the ladder of success dressed in the costume of failure”.

The same stands for corporate uniforms and successful businesses. The need to be professional, uniform and forward thinking. Where your workforce is empowered while representing individuality and your corporate image.

Encouraging individual style in your organisation

Gone are the days of boring corporate clothing wear. Bring on KARMA. Stylish corporate uniforms that stand out from the crowd, offering professional style and comfort.

Office friendly work wear is an essential to ensuring a happy workforce. 3 No No’s;

  • No standing aimlessly in front of the wardrobe wondering what to wear for work.
  • No disciplinary actions for those short dresses
  • No scruffy and unique looks non-representative of your brand

By offering your employees uniform options they will be encouraged to have a unique stamp while representing your brand in style, no more failure.

The importance of your corporate identity

Finding corporate wear online is important when you are looking to create a sense of belonging and community within your organisation. Corporate uniforms also empower your employees while offering your customers confidence in your professionalism.

Each industry has a different persona and being clever with a few must have items as well as an extensive colour pallet will make you stand out from the crowd. Here are 5 absolute essential corporate uniform items to add to your artillery;

  1. Absolute essential jacket
  2. Classic business pants
  3. The most contentious skirt
  4. The practical, comfortable and flattering shirt
  5. Fitted office tops the alternative to a business shirt

These essential inspired garments will make your working wardrobes chic, cutting edge and creative. At KARMA we believe that a woman should wear a jacket and not the jacket wear a woman.”

Your corporate wear collection

When looking for Corporate clothing suppliers the single most defining services are personalisation, in-house design and a local understanding to manufacture your corporate wear, ensuring your success. After all South Africans are unique and you will need to accommodate varying body shapes.

Classic or flared? The utmost importance to ensure a successful work force and work environment is to always flatter the figure. This way your employees will always exude an air of confidence, which always wins in business. Remember: Dress how you want to be addressed!

Your emphasis on choice and figure appropriateness should always include elegance with a modern twist and classic lines.

Reinvent yourself

Whether you be in an ultra-corporate environment like consulting and sales or in a more creative role like design, always encourage everyone to have fun in the corporate uniforms.

A few tips to add your individual flare to your corporate look;

  • Try adding a colorful scarf paired with matching heels to highlight the cut of your classic 3 button long jacket to get “that corner office”
  • For a less formal environment wear a fitted top with stylish bootleg pants and some trendy sneakers at the office or in the design studio
  • For networking pair a flattering business shirt with classic pencil skirt to maintain your professional appeal while scouting for business.

Choose style and ditch failure. Choose to KARMA your corporate uniform.

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