Denim Corporate wear

We first saw denim fabric making its ever so humble appearance in the late 1700’s as a workwear fabric. Granted, this move wasn’t the epitome of corporate wear for women trends because the fabric was used to manufacture dungarees – yes dungarees – for the average working man. Nevertheless, denim had entered the fashion and textiles game.

In later years, something more exciting started happening to this extraordinary piece of fabric weaving. More and more clothes and apparel designers started seeing the fabric’s beauty and began unveiling their renditions of it through mainstream casual fashions. This eventually led to denim’s evolution into a mainstream fashion icon that would grow to stand the test of time.

Fast forward to 2017. How often do we see this heavy-duty fabric translated into everyday corporate wear? How many manufacturers and retailers can proudly raise their hand and confirm that they “do denim” for ladies’ office wear? Also, how many local suppliers can declare that they’re “on the deal with denim? Well, you don’t have to search any further – as KARMA Corporate Wear introduces its denim inspired wardrobe.

Allow us to backtrack a little and make things a tad less formal as we give you the full scope:

At KARMA Corporate Wear, we’ve made it our ultimate goal to present to you a corporate wear for women range that will undoubtedly bring back the fun in modern day ladies’ office wear and knock you off your feet. Sound exciting? – Well it should be.

Our most recent exploits have seen us venturing into territories that seem too daring for the average corporate wear manufacturer – but be assured that there’s nothing average about our quality, design technique or the product we place on the market.

By stretching the boundaries of modern day corporate clothing, we have managed to create a concept that will take the industry by storm and captivate the masses.

Unveiling KARMA’s Denim Range

The KARMA range of ladies’ office wear skirt-suits and pantsuits are specially designed to flatter both plus-size figures as well as professional darlings with slimmer figures, without altering the overall aesthetic appeal of our garments.

You can play around with your suits by coupling them with one of KARMA’s structured shirts or loose-fitting blouses. Whatever which way you choose to roll the style dice, your corporate wear for women ensembles will be out of this world.

For a little extra flair, our unique range of dresses are constructed with seamless precision and come in alluring body sculpting shapes that elongate as well as add a day-like grace to practical day wear.

Finding your perfect denim outfit, with our help of course, has never been any easier.

Our simplified design concepts make it more effortless to put together a snazzy outfit for each day of the work week. Your morning wardrobe time no longer has to feel like a personalised treasure hunt.

In case we hadn’t spoilt you for choice enough, we’ve got even more exciting news for all the ladies who are sometimes uncertain of the size they might take. By adding a detailed corporate wear for women size chart on our website, your online shopping experience is morphing into something a lot more convenient and personalised.

The chart offers an extensive breakdown of body measurements, all to help you attain your perfect fit.

In a nutshell, we’ve added the perfect solution for any style-smart working girl, minus the additional tailoring and resizing cost.

When it comes to ladies’ office wear, we’ve definitely got your back and take pride in ensuring that you receive the best quality product coupled with superb service that will keep you coming back for more.

Rest assured, we will allow nothing to disrupt your happy shopping experience.
Happy Shopping KARMA Ladies.

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