“Get up, dress up, show up and never give up” wearing a stylish tailored suit by KARMA Clothing. Celebrate being a strong and smart woman by dressing the part this women’s month with business attire for women, styled by KARMA Clothing. The KARMA corporate clothing collection epitomises the ultimate in comfort and confidence while projecting an elegant, power look.

The KARMA range of business attire for women caters to various styles, cuts and different tastes for women in suits. Available in an extensive colour palette and fabric range, KARMA Clothing applies a sophisticated and modern approach to office wear, uniforms and corporate clothing, resulting in a look that communicates a professional suit culture.

Here are five fashion facts on how to create a power look and dress the part as a successful business person with business attire for men and women alike:

  1. Identify the Organisation’s Clothing Culture

There are various types of clothing styles or genres that corporate cultures assume for both men and women’s work attire. While you always want to keep true to your own personal style, make sure your outfit suits the culture characteristics of your company.

These characteristics include:

  • Formal / Corporate – think men and women in suits
  • Business Casual – casual pants like jeans or chinos with a smart dress shirt and jacket
  • Casual – for example, leggings, pumps and a loose fitting top
  1. Keep your Position in Mind

Often, we see poor role representation by executives and professionals, where an individual’s outfit does not suit the level of formality applicable to their role; where CEO’s don’t fit the part, top executives dress too casually and respected individuals reveal too much. Keep your role and the respect that you command at the fore of your closet when dressing every day.

  1. Keep it Classic

Building a wardrobe with timeless classics by way of cuts, colours and styles is a sure-fire way to create a power look regardless of the weather (or your mood). From the classic business jacket, tailored pants and pencil skirts, to business shirts and office tops, choose simple yet chic styles that express the success of a business-focal appearance.

  1. Ladies with a Little Length Go a Long Way

Corporate fashion, women in suits and finding a feminine balance while keeping things classy can be a challenge for some. When dressing for success and creating a power look “more is more”. When wearing short skirts, pencil cuts and dresses, application of the “four (4) finger from the knee” rule for a tasteful look that still gives leeway for ladies to enjoy above-the-knee styles, while maintaining a chic and classy look.

  1. Accessor-wise

Take your classic look and dress it up (or down) with a variety of accessories and trimmings to complete your final look. Mistakenly assumed to be attire exclusive to a women’s suit culture, there are a number of accessories available to compliment business attire for men as well, including:

  • Vests
  • Bows and neckties
  • Scarfs
  • Braces
  • Cufflinks, etc.

When accessorising your work gear, finish your look with well-matched pieces to make a statement, brighten neutral tones or polish classic styles.

At KARMA Clothing, workplace wardrobes are custom created through a passion for cutting edge design and creativity. Working together with our corporate clients, contact KARMA Corporate Wear to tailor your corporate clothing requirements with our in-house design team for expert advice and recommendations to suit the solid basics of your corporate identity.

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