Hold on to your ponchos ladies – winter is beckoning and fast but as is always the case, a corporate clothing company like KARMA Clothing has you covered.

The funny thing about South Africa is how we essentially only have Summer and Winter. The seasons; Autumn and Spring, sit as a constant in the back of our minds, but cannot be differentiated by anything. Go on, ask anyone.

With that local frame of thinking in mind, corporate clothing wear in winter doesn’t need to feel like an uninspired task. Whether it’s during the work week or for an upcoming special business engagement, the right jacket or an exquisite coat, produced by an expert team from a well established and quality loving corporate clothing company, arriving to the office daily will be as easy as pie.

In past years, the running trend around winter fashion was “layers, layers, layers”.

The art of layering; beautiful as it may be, can look a tad frumpy or unprofessional if considered under a “corporate” light. Even on the colder days, corporate clothing wear needs to look tailored, structured and professional. (the career gods won’t have it any other way)

As KARMA Corporate Wear, we continuously work on providing the women, South Africa and other parts of the world, with style variety and quality garment choices in their closets. We are a local corporate clothing company that is by women, for women.

Think of us as a “Fashion Bestie” and who else would know you and your fashion wants and needs, better than a bestie?

The introduction of winter coats to our full KARMA Clothing range brings that ever-necessary layer of warmth to the cold morning of heading to the office and the colour options one can buy it and make fashion pairing and matching, a dream. See? Fashion Besties.

Take our Saturn Coat for example- the 5 available colours: Black, Navy, Grey, Red and Camel, are corporate clothing wear royalty. That range of colours makes the item a solid investment for years to come because it works beautifully with a plethora of quality items you already have in your closet.

Here’s 3 top tips to build beautiful winter warmth:

  1. Get Suited Up

Style a pair of pants by us with any of our jackets then layer a turtleneck underneath to keep warm both in and out of the office.

  1. Skirts and Stockings

Your array of beautiful pencil and A-line skirts do not need to sit on the back burner and get lonely until the warmer season comes back around. Winter warmth is achievable in a skirt by simply throwing in a pair of opaque stocking/tights to avoid “frost knees” and give a one-tone silhouette to your entire look.
Throw on a long coat to finish off the skirt and shirt look and you’re a winner.

  1. Keep it simple

Forever and a day – Simplicity wins always. Of all the corporate clothing wear tips we could ever give, keeping our winter items simple and structured is still No.1.
You want to be warm, not weighed down by fabric.

We cannot repeat corporate clothing wear items as easily and effortlessly as guys do and stocking up on a work closet full of quality-stamped corporate clothing company produce, can be expensive. So, where’s our middle ground?

Professional style confidence for you comes signed and sealed with a kiss from KARMA Corporate Wear, a corporate clothing company with over 10 years in the industry and we can guarantee quality service and pristine tailoring.

Get in touch with our team or our range today.

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