The professional landscape is changing and expanding with every passing day. As a corporate clothing company; we at KARMA Corporate Wear are continuously looking to stay on trend and ahead of the pack with what we offer to hardworking individuals and companies at large.

In this quest to expand on our current corporate workwear range, we bring forth the question: Would you wear an elegant, structured jumpsuit to the office? If yes, great. If not, read more and maybe we’ll manage to change your mind and help you see the ‘jumpsuit’ as more than just a ‘onesie/playsuit for the fun times’.

 Traditionally, the world was introduced to the jumpsuit, A.K.A one-piece suit when corporate uniform suppliers started making conjoined overalls for manual labourers – think miners and construction work et al. This phenomenon went on for years and proved to be effective as the singular item of clothing served as both a cost-effective and protective attire. Slowly but boldly, the jumpsuit began to make its expansion on the fashion industry and made sure everyone knew ‘she’ was here to stay.

As one of South Africa’s long operating corporate clothing companies, we at KARMA understand that woman need to stay mindful of the loops and curves in their workplace wardrobe codes of conduct and must manoeuvre around that, plus changing seasons and temperatures.

This then, is the perfect ‘written’ piece to tell you how to best pull off a one piece. (see what we did there?)

  1. Keep it structured

By fashion tradition, jumpsuits are tailored to be a little on the looser side (like lounge-about sweats, but way cuter). Be sure to find an option that has a structurally strong shape and a silhouette that says I mean business” all the way.

  1. Keep it simple

Once you’ve come around to the idea of wearing a jumpsuit to the office, please darlings, stay away from patterns. Sway towards neutrals – and maybe, accessorize with colour.

  1. Go monochromatic

A jumpsuit with gorgeous multi-coloured fabric and bold prints is great for your night plans or Saturday lunch with the girls, but for the sake of the office and the infamous “code of conduct”, opt for a head-to-toe hue to streamline your look and really ‘ÜP’ your style game.

  1. Layers. Layers.

An exquisitely tailored blazer, thrown over your shoulders, can add a bit more structure to your jumpsuit. Our range of blazers is a definite evergreen trick for the perfect polish to any outfit.

  1. Add a statement (if you’re that kind of girl)

A great cuff, watch, or necklace added to your neutral toned jumpsuit, will add the right amount of personality to peak the visual aesthetic of your elegant office jumpsuit.

You have nothing to fear or hold back on when it comes to corporate wear. If it fits the corporate by lines, sits at an appropriate length and makes you feel like a million bucks when you’re in it – it’s a definite YES. An elegant, structured jumpsuit worn to the office fits that norm perfectly. Best of all, they always look put-together.

In the words of a fellow fashionista: For ladies, “jumpsuits are our easy-going kindred spirits. They’re infinitely versatile, and you can just throw one on and go.” We agree with that statement 100% and because of that versatility and ease, why can’t the jumpsuit jump on over to the corporate side of the time capsule and be worn to the office?

We think we’ve pleaded our case and everyone’s jumping on the jumpsuit bandwagon. We would love to be at the forefront of manufacturing elegant jumpsuits for ladies and further strengthening our footprint as a local corporate uniform supplier. To do so, we need to know that our valued customers and larger companies in their entirety share our vision and see the greatness of this stylist workwear alternative.

To find out more about our existing range and the magic that our team can create for your work wardrobe contact us.

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