Corporate clothing offers a business many benefits; this is no secret. Depending on the industry, corporate clothing can have a huge effect on the perspectives that others have on the business and the branding for the business.

However and perhaps most importantly of all, corporate clothing encourages staff to feel part of the company and has the potential to motivate them. South Africa, being a country of such diverse climate, requires corporate clothing that accommodates the various seasons that occur at all corners of our country.

KARMA Clothing specialises in the manufacturing of corporate clothing and is emerging as a leader in its field. With the demand for a professional image increasing amongst many businesses across Southern Africa, companies are having to not only ensure that corporate clothing reflects the brand and image of the business, but that employees are comfortable and that the corporate clothing they are required to wear, is suitable for the climate.

With Johannesburg, Cape Town and Kwa-Zulu Natal all experiencing completely different climates during the same season, companies are having to accommodate the corporate clothing needs of their staff to ensure comfort whilst maintaining style and image. Read more about servicing and distribution.

KARMA Clothing understands the needs that busy corporates and those in meetings all day with clients have. Comfort should certainly not be the price to pay for style, brand image and elegance, in fact although all of these aspects are important, comfort is ultimately what will give the employee the confidence they need.

KARMA Clothing’s range of seasonal corporate clothing allows for versatility. Whether the need for a light material for the humid Kwa- Zulu Natal winters, or a heavier material for the chilly Highveld winters, KARMA Clothing not only offers an ever-changing seasonal range, but with various colours and styles available, companies are able to custom design corporate clothing to best suit their business image as well as their climate.

Professional image is not only important on first impression but at all times when it comes to business. Ensuring that corporate clothing is climate suitable will provide the appropriate comfort and style suitable for your business.

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