It’s time to pull out the coffee flasks, electric blankets and heaters. Yes, winter has arrived but that doesn’t mean that your corporate wear needs to be compromised.

KARMA Clothing understands that any business impression needs to be lasting. Corporate wear plays a big role in ensuring this is the case.

Womens corporate wear from KARMA Clothing is a range of fashionable but more importantly comfortable items. KARMA Clothing’s in-house designers are inspired by the colours, shades and styles that are current however when designing corporate wear, a woman’s comfort is kept top-of-mind. Although trends and style influence womens corporate clothing, KARMA Clothing ensures that corporate wear is stylish enough to re-use the following year. Read more about KARMA Clothing.

3 essential winter, corporate wear items for women

Jackets are the first and most important corporate clothing item on the list. Whether you are on the road seeing clients or in the office behind a desk, having a good quality, comfortable and most importantly, warm winter jacket is a necessity.

KARMA Clothing has a selection of corporate jackets for women. With the potential to complete an outfit, a classy corporate clothing item such as this, screams out professional style. The Patri jacket or Bolero jacket are just two of the impressionable images that a woman in the corporate world can introduce to her wardrobe.

The second essential corporate wear item is Business Pants and Suits. Whether you prefer loosely fitted or more widely legged business pants, having a variety of colours and styles allows you to mix and match with corporate tops.

A business suit is one of the classier approaches to corporate wear, however not everyone enjoys the formality of them. The great thing about a suit is that the jacket and pants do not have to be worn together. In fact dressing the pants up or using the jacket to compliment another garment is usually what makes suits so adaptable.

The final essential corporate clothing item for ladies this winter is the skirt. Business skirts are the ideal item as they not only compliment the figure they are also a classy and comfortable item to have in your winter wardrobe collection. KARMA Clothing offers a range of business skirts in a variety of materials and styles.

Possibly not ideal for the colder days, however perfect for late winter- early spring, business skirts are a stylish addition to your corporate wear this winter.

What about next year?

The best thing about buying quality corporate wear from clothing and style experts is that next year, your winter wardrobe will still be as impressive and comfortable as it will be this year. The in- house design team at KARMA Clothing strike the balance between classic fashion, trends and comfort, ensuring that you are able to be as impressionable in your corporate wear next year as you are this year.

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