When it comes to looking smart, elegant and of course stylish, it can be difficult to choose the right look. In the corporate world, the same corporate clothing can become monotonous. To look professional everyday in the corporate world is important, regardless the industry that you are in. The image that one portrays will reflect the impression that you leave with clients and other corporate companies.

KARMA Clothing offers a collection of corporate clothing to both men and women. Being one of the leading corporate clothing manufacturers, KARMA Clothing has revitalized itself and has adopted a unique approach to both design and style. No matter the industry, KARMA Clothing is able to dress any corporate for success.

  • Banks
  • Hotels
  • Financial/ Credit Institutes
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Airports

Corporate clothing enables a company to look and feel as though they are a part of something bigger. With uniformity comes professionalism and KARMA Clothing aspires to create that for each client.

Corporate clothing for men

The corporate clothing men’s range consists of a variety of different items.

  • Waistcoats
  • Formal pants
  • Chino pants
  • Lounge shirts (long and short sleeve)
  • Pit/ Pilot shirts
  • Golf shirts

Although the men’s corporate clothing range is not as vast as the women’s, KARMA Clothing does offer modifications to standard styles. This offers clients the opportunity to expand the already existing men’s clothing range. If so desired, clients are able to contrast colours, buttons, button holes or add extra pockets if needed. This allows for the personalization of the men’s corporate clothing range. Standard garment colours include black, navy, grey, coal etc, however as mentioned, colours can be requested.

In the working environment, corporate clothing can play a huge role for a company. If employees are dressed in an elegant and corporate manner, they carry the professionalism of the business with them. For a company to keep its brand alive in every aspect possible is vital to ensure that they create awareness in as many aspects as possible. Corporate clothing can go a long way in ensuring that clients, potential clients and the general public recognize and recall a brand.

Men’s corporate clothing can be as stylish as women’s. The traditional black suit does not always work in all environments.To this end KARMA Clothing is able to provide the Full-package program commencing from design stage and style suggestions through to final distribution.

For more information on the men’s corporate clothing line available, contact KARMA Clothing on 011 262 2995 or email Karin@karmaclothing.co.za

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