Corporate clothing may be an afterthought for many companies, but it is in fact a vital component in the marketing and advertising of a brand. Usually print media, direct marketing or electronic media and other traditional mediums are used to create brand awareness but can become expensive. Corporate clothing is a long lasting medium that offers a more trusting message.

It is important that companies make use of as many different points of contact as possible. Making use of these different marketing points will certainly assist a brand as it is gaining exposure. Many different industries use their corporate clothing as their biggest marketing tool.

  • Hotels
  • Airlines
  • Restaurants
  • Franchises
  • Banks
  • Supermarkets

Corporate clothing is a great way to promote brand awareness. Whether clothing is embroided or has printed branding on it, the recall and recognition that it creates amongst clients and potential clients is as effective (if not more) than other traditional forms of marketing that cost a business money on a monthly basis.

Why is corporate clothing so important for a brand?

Corporate clothing brings with it many different benefits.

  • Once off cost, unlike other marketing strategies
  • Unites staff and provides a sense of belonging
  • Professionalism and motivation
  • Assists company reputation
  • Continuation of company design and ambiance
  • Saves employees the trouble of finding clothing to wear on a daily basis
  • Uniformity
  • Free advertising
  • Stand out from competitors
  • Value for money

It is important for any company to ensure that there is a common thread throughout its brand. Corporate clothing allows for staff to be a mobile marketing method for a brand.

Corporate clothing can also be used as promotional clothing, which can be used at events, as gifts or on casual days. This further encourages the brand to reach as much of its target market as possible.

For more information on corporate clothing for your company, contact KARMA Clothing on: 011 262 2995 or email


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