The well known saying “power dressing” couldn’t be truer for women within the corporate environment. Corporate clothing is more than just a way of dressing; it’s a statement that carries the professionalism that is so important in business.

KARMA Clothing allows women to not only dress to impress but to make use of the variety of stylish designs and colours that make each corporate outfit unique. Through great design that provides comfort, practicality, functionality and of course trendy style, KARMA Clothing certainly strives to provide women with a wide range of corporate clothing.

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The talented in- house design team work tirelessly to keep up- to- date with new styles and fashions so that the corporate clothing range is always fresh and inspiring. Capsule catalogue Collections are updated on a regular basis with both classical shapes as well as contemporary shapes.

Corporate Clothing is not only restricted to what is presented in the catalogue. Many companies in different industries require personalized uniforms for their staff.

  • Hotels
  • Casinos
  • Airlines
  • Restaurants
  • Food stores
  • Franchises

Many companies like uniformity amongst their staff. Individual tailor made designs allow a company to carry on their brand through their employees. The in- house design department gives companies the opportunity to personalize their designs and styles and maintain the uniqueness of their brand.

When it comes to corporate clothing, women have a wide choice available to them. Although some women may have a particular style, there is no reason why outfits and looks cannot vary from day to day. KARMA Clothing offers women the chance to look professional and stylish all the time. The clothing range consists of a number of different corporate items.

  • Business jackets
  • Business pants
  • Business skirts
  • Business shirts
  • Business office tops

The women’s corporate clothing range is available in a variety of standard colours and patterns. There is however the option of requesting a specific colour or pattern if needed. This further allows clients to customize their item or complete outfit.

Women’s corporate clothing should not be restricted to what is available on the store shelves. With many women spending the majority of their day at work, they should have choice so as to feel comfortable and confident.

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