A company’s corporate identity is what represents an organisation’s core values. Successful brands are easily identifiable through their corporate identity. Although these companies may be large, small to medium sized businesses need to build a corporate identity standard.

Whether a business is starting out or redeveloping its look, a strong corporate identity will not only differentiate a brand from its competitors but it will create a strong recall and recognition in the consumer’s minds. There is more to a corporate identity than just a logo. It is a system that is able to work together to deliver a consistent message to the consumer. Through the use of colour, font, images, music and more, a strong corporate identity will carry a brand far.

There is however one other aspect that many companies do not consider. One that should be part of a company’s corporate identity but more importantly strategically part of their marketing. Corporate clothing is a highly effective marketing tool that not only gives a business exposure on a daily basis, but portrays a company’s standards to all clients.

It is important that all corporate clothing reflects a company’s corporate identity.  Choosing colours, patterns and clothing designs to represent a company is quite a process, one that should be carefully considered as there are various aspects involved.

  • All staff are shaped differently
  • Comfort is important
  • Style/ elegance is important (corporate clothing style etc should reflect the type of business)
  • Variations for different seasons

Corporate clothing need not only look good, it needs to be comfortable so that staff are able to represent a business and not worry about feeling uncomfortable. With comfort and style being top-of-mind, KARMA Clothing offers a full range of men’s and women’s corporate clothing and uniforms.

A team of talented in-house designers ensure that every piece of corporate clothing is able to be dressed up and dressed down to best suit various times of the day. However should a company be looking for a corporate clothing look to complement a new or current corporate identity, KARMA Clothing will ensure that there is consistency spilling over from the corporate identity to corporate clothing. Enquire now.

Image is everything in the business world. The perception that the public will have of a business is partly due to the way in which staff come across. Corporate clothing allows a business to have control over how employees look and the image they portray when with clients.

Contact KARMA Clothing for all corporate clothing requirements.
Call 011 262 2995 or Email karin@karmaclothing.co.za

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