Professional corporate clothing or business wear can change the way your customers and potential clients view your business. Your organisation’s identity is as important as the product you sell or the service you offer. Your staff form a large part of your businesses façade – if they look professional and dignified at all times, your company can stand to benefit a lot.

KARMA Corporate Clothing specialises in corporate clothing and business wear that is not just stylish but also functional, pragmatic, comfortable, and appropriate for your industry.


KARMA Corporate Clothing (PTY) has a range of dissimilar and specialised services to cater for each client’s unique corporate wear needs.

Our corporate clothing image recommendation service is offered to businesses wishing to introduce or update their corporate clothingandstaff uniforms – this is provided as part of our standard service. Our specialist team will assess a number of issues pertaining to your corporation including the site of your business and staff demographics.

KARMA Corporate Clothing will also consider the various styles, fabrics and colours available in order to provide the most suitable corporate clothing collection for your corporation. Furthermore, much consideration is placed on how your corporation’s corporate clothing ties in with the industry. Does it fit in and how it can be used to further confirm your company’s image within that particular industry.

In-House design

A team of skilled in-house designers keep a close eye to the ever-changing world of fashion and continuously incorporates these new designs into our standard corporate clothing collection. Our catalogues are regularly updated with new and refreshed business wear styles and office attire. Working closely with our designers helps us keep our range relevant and fresh.

Designs specifically developed for Companies

Not every client’s style will necessarily form part of our standard catalogue. Banks, hotels, casinos airlines and/or other corporations may require specific staff uniforms. KARMA Corporate Clothing offers a special in-house designing service to solve this problem. Clients may have their corporate clothing tailor-made to suit their specific requirements and specifications.

For more details, please contact us directly:

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