When it’s time to suit up for work, often men are lured in by designer labels and fashion trends that do not necessarily compliment them. In the corporate world, although appearance is important, men’s wear needs to be as comfortable as it is fitting for the circumstances.

KARMA Clothing’s range of corporate menswear incorporates the all important professional image with comfort. Imported  Poly Viscose is the fabric of choice used by KARMA Clothing  when producing all tailored jackets, trousers and waistcoats.

The benefits of Poly Viscose for menswear

Poly Viscose is a durable and machine washable material that is ideal for the tailoring of uniforms, jackets, trousers, blazers and suits. The softness and suppleness of this material makes menswear extremely comfortable.

KARMA Clothing’s corporate menswear range

With comfort and style being top- of- mind, KARMA Clothing provides business men with an option of black, navy, coal or stone for all waistcoats, trousers and tailored jackets. These corporate colours offer a sophisticated look and are in line with various Corporate identities.

The corporate menswear range extends into other aspects of the professional image such as Gents Shirts which are available in various collared and cuff styles. Read more here about the shirt colour range.

Men’s Corporate Trousers will add some style to any man’s wardrobe, with the selection of  Chino Corporate Trousers and a more contemporary, Flat Front Elegant Trouser.

The All Weather Coat is the perfect addition to any man’s corporate wardrobe and is ideal for both wet and cold weather as it is both waterproof and warm.

Men’s casual wear

Being comfortable and stylish away from the office gives men the chance to dress down and relax. KARMA Clothing’s range of casual menswear incorporates style and much needed comfort.

Casual men’s wear includes Cargo Pants, Cargo shorts, Golf Shirts (with structured collars,) contemporary Anoraks and Pit- Shirts. A variety of colours are available within this menswear range and all clothing is manufactured as per client selection.

Contact KARMA Clothing for more information or to order your selection of menswear.

Call 011 262 2995 | Email karin@karmaclothing.co.za

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