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A new year means new beginnings and what better way to freshen up your brand and staff’s motivation than by introducing a new look into your business? Your corporate uniform says a lot about your brand’s personality. Consistency in employee appearance is important as it creates an impression on customers and the public at large. However ensuring that your business image continues to remain an appealing one is as important.

Recall and recognition is created through a business’s corporate identity which although is a constant, should certainly be tweaked and refreshed every now and then.

Some of the biggest advantages of utilising a corporate uniform are in fact for the overall benefit of the business, employees and staff.

    • When employees wear distinctive colours that are associated with the brand, it prints an impression on the consumer’s mind
    • Corporate uniforms package employees and part of a brand and help to distinguish between competitors
    • Customers can distinguish employees in uniform (avoids embarrassment of asking another customer for assistance)
    • Inspires confidence in the consumer as it suggests that employees are professional and that they are knowledgeable in what they do
    • Puts the force of the corporate reputation behind the individual

Refreshing corporate clothing or corporate uniforms once in a while is always a good idea. It specifically projects the idea of forward thinking onto consumers. Moving with the times is a much healthier approach to have than to simply expect a look to work for 10 years at a time. With slight tweaks here and there, a corporate uniform look can quite easily change from dull to exciting, and more modernised.

Get some inspiration. Take a look at our Style Guide.

KARMA Clothing offers its years of qualified expertise, in creating and tweaking corporate uniforms. With professional designers behind the “seams” KARMA assists businesses in selecting the right shape and cut. It is important to ensure that the corporate uniform style that your business chooses is one that is suitable for all shapes and sizes.

Contact KARMA Clothing to set up a consultation or enquire about our corporate uniform design services.  

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