With fashion changing and new designs emerging, it is difficult to ensure that your corporate wardrobe is constantly being refreshed. Buying new items every month might be unrealistic but that doesn’t mean that you have hit a wardrobe dilemma. In fact, it gives you the opportunity to get creative, mix and match and of course, have some fun.

Whilst dressing for the workplace can restrict you, it shouldn’t discourage or affect your style and personal taste. It is important to establish what timeless items you do own, what you cannot live without and what you can. It’s about working with what you have!

Turn up the music and get going

The best way of doing this is by separating your corporate and social wardrobes. Clear a drawer or two and half of your hanging space, just for your corporate wear. Not only will this allow you to clearly define your corporate style, it will assist you in getting ready for work and making quick outfit decisions in the morning. Whilst doing this, strategise carefully about the items that are your favourite. These items should be dynamic and used easily with other items.

Tips on taking control of your corporate wardrobe

Choose your anchor items. These are garments that are the key “ingredients” within your corporate wardrobe.  They are quality items that have the ability to interchange.

Black is always an easy corporate colour and is acceptable in any situation. Whilst selecting your anchor items, make sure that you have a black skirt that falls just below the knee or sits on the knee line. It is easy to choose a blouse to match a black corporate skirt so having this item is imperative.

The business jacket should also be on your list of “must have’s”. This anchor item should fit you well and have sleeves that drop just past your lower wrist bone.

Having various colours in your corporate wardrobe is important. These should be made up of other jackets, skirts and formal trousers. Having two or more colours is ideal. Suitable and flattering corporate colours include:

  • Tan
  • Brown
  • Navy Bleu
  • Grey
  • White

Varying shades of these colours offers flattery and style.

Blouses allow you to make an outfit unique. Patterned shirts add a bit of elegance to a corporate look. Wearing a blue blouse that is a lighter shade of your blue jacket is ideal, for example.

These anchor items should be the foundation of your corporate wardrobe. Make sure that they are of a high quality and that the fit is perfect for your body. If you ensure that you have the fundamental items in your corporate closet, you shouldn’t need to worry about refreshing your clothing every few months. Adding an item from time to time allows you extra freedom but having your anchor garments in place will keep your corporate style looking dynamic and stylish.

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