Corporate clothing is one of the greatest investments a company can make. If first impressions are last impressions then it is the corporate clothing that heavily influences client’s and target market’s impressions of staff and ultimately the business. Having corporate clothing suggests that the company has a public image and that they wish to convey it.

Providing seasonal corporate clothing to employees allows for comfort and style all year round. Depending on what staff are required to do, (attend meetings, see customers) corporate clothing will differ. Professional appearances are very important for those who are often in the public eye however a slightly more casual corporate look is suitable for those who spend their working days in the office.

There are some important fundamentals to remember when deciding on corporate clothing. These especially apply to businesses that supply seasonal corporate clothing for their staff.

  • Consistency from season to season
  • Professional
  • Colours should reflect the company
  • Comfort
  • Do not favour body types

Seasonal corporate clothing prevents staff from having to add garments to the uniform to keep warm, or alter the clothing to keep cool. There are many benefits to introducing seasonal corporate clothing into a company.

  • Add variety to the staff clothing
  • Motivates staff
  • Creates unity between staff
  • Opportunity to change material colours each season to suit the brand
  • Staff don’t get bored of one look
  • Clients and target market enjoy the change (suggests innovation from within company)

Finding a corporate clothing supplier that is able to support the corporate clothing needs that a business has can be difficult. Often many suppliers lack the variety that businesses look for. The trick therefore lies in finding clothing items that are stylish with an edge of fashion .

KARMA Clothing provides a range of seasonal corporate clothing for both men and women. Boardroom appropriate office wear provides the professionalism, comfort and style that is so important for business representatives. Capturing these aspects in corporate clothing provides the right corporate image that staff, who are in the public eye need.

The in-house designers at KARMA Clothing have created a corporate clothing range that still provides freedom to businesses that wish to alter their items. This allows for logos, business colours etc. to be incorporated into the stylish, seasonal corporate clothing pieces.

For more information on seasonal corporate clothing for your business, contact KARMA Clothing on 011 262 2995 or email

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