Although uniforms and corporate clothing are not a new trend in the business world, the way in which the company uses this marketing tool will influence staff and the business as a whole.

Choosing the right employee uniforms or corporate clothing is important. There are several factors to consider in order to balance staff comfort with company image.

  • Choose a uniform that look professional in all environments
  • Capture image of the company
  • Avoid trends that will go out of style
  • Account for differences in staff sizes and shapes
  • Consider colours carefully
  • Consider fabric options (does the fabric compliment the job titles?)
  • Do not choose restricting shapes, cuts etc.

Uniforms and corporate clothing serve more than just a visual purpose. Benefiting both employees and employers, they are a wise investment to make.

  • Saves staff money on personal work wear
  • Creates unity
  • Promotes equality amongst staff
  • Assists in creating a company bond
  • Creates awareness to the public
  • Customers can easily identify staff
  • Staff become walking billboards

KARMA Clothing is emerging as a leader in the manufacturing of corporate clothing and uniforms in South Africa. Work uniforms, office wear and business suits through KARMA Clothing are all boardroom appropriate.

Elegance, style and comfort are the common denominators that drives the unique approach toward designs.

With company uniforms and corporate clothing becoming an integrated part of many businesses, KARMA Clothing focuses on range.

There are many industries that rely heavily on their staff uniforms and corporate clothing to carry their brand and bring it closer to customers. Through using the correct brand colours, logos and appropriate styles and fits, these brands depend on their uniforms and corporate clothing.

  • Airlines
  • Hotels
  • Banks
  • Hospitals

Through identifying the style of uniform, clients and the public are at the very least able to recognise the industry in which these employees work for. Uniforms and corporate clothing carry a lot of significance for many companies and bring with them, many benefits.

For more information on uniforms for your company, contact KARMA Clothing on 011 262 299 | Email

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