The way in which people view employees is the way in which they will judge the company that they work for. This can either assist a brand or it can heavily damage it. One way to ensure that employees maintain the image of the company is through corporate uniforms.

Corporate uniforms are a common trend among large corporate businesses.

  • Banks
  • Airlines
  • Hotels
  • Casinos
  • Large restaurant chains

However this does not mean that smaller businesses should not introduce corporate uniforms into their brand. With the numerous benefits that corporate uniforms offer, companies should choose an image that best suits their corporate identity.

  • Creates positive company image
  • Creates discipline for employees
  • Fulfills company dress code
  • More professional
  • Creates staff confidence
  • Improves faith of the employees
  • Encourages sense of loyalty

Corporate uniforms work both internally and externally. When employees feel as though they are a part of something that is united, it will encourage positive attitude and ultimately performance. This will then reflect positively on the company and will certainly be noticed by customers etc.

Reduce advertising costs

By increasing customer awareness, corporate uniforms act as an extension to already existing advertising and marketing. However as a whole, corporate uniforms can also assist a company in saving on advertising costs.

By being the “face” of a company, corporate uniforms get exposure and attention for a brand, on a daily basis. This can prove to be more effective than other traditional forms of advertising.

Affordable corporate uniforms

KARMA Clothing provides corporate uniforms in a number of styles. Focusing on being stylish and comfortable, the wide range of designs offers professionalism and uniqueness.

Each company has an image that needs to be maintained. Whether it is through colour, shape, logo or style, KARMA Clothing will meet the needs that each business or brand expects from their corporate uniforms.

For more information on corporate uniforms for your business, contact KARMA Clothing on 011 262 2995 or email

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