KARMA corporate clothing wear splashes out with their new colour range to the African market proving style and colour belong at the head of the boardroom.

Coco Chanel once stated “The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.” So take your pick. We officially welcome our new pallet to the corporate wardrobe and invite you to own your work place.

Corporate fashion and colour
We believe if the pants fit… wear them. When dressing for success in the corporate environment it is not only the style, cut and brand that make or break a professional but also the colour.

Colour markets. A manager who is perceived as “hard” can appear more approachable in soft pink as opposed to black. Whereas a sales executive can power the meeting with a client in a stylish red blouse.

Corporate “power” dressing
Sophisticated corporate clothing wear cannot afford to be boring. Investing in your corporate wardrobe is essential.

Selecting the perfect combination of corporate wear and “colour blocking” will enable you to express your corporate identity through colour. Think classic combinations, where matching neutral colours not only flatter but also create a timeless and elegant look and feel.

After all if the jacket fits why not buy it in every colour?

To quote Steve Jobs “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” This is why at KARMA we have further updated our range in not only new colours but additional styles, thus extending our corporate wear collection.

Passion for fashion
It’s not only about looking the part. It is about feeling the part. South Africa can now celebrate as we welcome our new products to the KARMA corporate wear collection.

As our KARMA clients are just as passionate about style and comfort we went to market and asked our fans to join in this exciting launch and ran the “name the shirt” competition, which lead to our pleat shirt being named “The Domino Shirt”.

We love the pleat detail, cotton rich fabric and luxurious feel this shirt brings to the workplace and we are sure you will too!

Chic in the city
The 1st lessons in fashion need to include knowing how to identify your power colour and then choosing where to buy them. Corporate clothing created in Johannesburg is readily available across the country with our online store.

Don’t be afraid of colour.

Know what you feel comfortable in and what colour suits your skin tone. Choose colours that compliment you’re your skin, eye colour and hair colour as oppose to following trends. “Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you. You decide what you are.” ~ Gianni Versace.

Here are a few tips for the perfect corporate outfit that will ensure you are stylish and timeless at work;

  1. Warm skin tone: choose blacks, pinks and coals
  2. Cool skin tone: choose silvers, greys and blues
  3. Neutral tone: choose sands, reds and pinstripes

Whites compliment all 3 skin tones and should be interchanged throughout your corporate wardrobe.


KARMA is a way of life
Classic colour combinations of corporate clothing create a stylish and functional work wardrobe. The modern woman deserves to do business at the top.

We are excited to add our very 1st “Investment belt” to our KARMA corporate clothing wear collection as well as;

Be the game changer with KARMA, redefine your workwear and take your wardrobe further.

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