As S.Africa business feels the pinch we review 6 top reasons to support local corporate uniform suppliers and manufacturers allowing unique fashion to support the economy.

“Where we shop, where we eat and have fun — all of it makes our community home. Our one-of-a-kind businesses are an integral part of the distinctive character of this place.” ~ NEF researcher David Boyle.

Buying locally produced garments from corporate uniform suppliers is no different. When you buy local more money stays in the community which in turn strengthens the economic base of S.Africa.

Home of local fashion

Fashion is about something that comes from within you. In 1998 Karin founded KARMA, with corporate wear garments proudly designed and produced in Johannesburg. As one of the top corporate uniform suppliers for S. Africa and Africa, KARMA moves beyond traditional wear to innovative workwear. Corporate fashion that speaks to the local market while in turn supporting our local economy.

All KARMA employees have been supported in gaining knowledge, skills and experience through the design and production process, with many of them having been with KARMA from the very beginning and consider KARMA Corporate Wear their home.

The fashion economy

Celebrating clothing as the interpretation for a successful corporate appearance through garments that are locally produced ensures your business is supporting both the community and the local economy.

Mahatma Gandhi once said “There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness”.

The winning formulae to the profound impact on the economy, through supporting locally produced fashion, is that the community who depend on support from these businesses are supported by keeping the “money in the country”.

Money makes the community go round

KARMA has further branched out into the E-commerce world and included the addition of our unique online corporate wear shopping portal.

Buying corporate uniforms online from KARMA ensures your local business dedication.

Our top 6 reasons you will benefit through supporting your local corporate uniform suppliers;

  1. Investing in your local community
  2. Designed for the local demographic
  3. Reducing your environmental impact
  4. Creation and longevity of local jobs
  5. Receiving local-into-local service
  6. Speedy and direct delivery (3-4 working days)

Investing in locally produced corporate wear is more than gold. It is about the real “raw material”, the human beings of fashion. On a continent where everyone including businesses, are feeling the pinch “Buy Local” campaigns send a message of unity and hope.

Longevity in design  

Through not buying locally your business and corporate identity may be at the risk of encountering continuity challenges in design and product availability. Support your community to ensure longevity and a personal touch.

When looking to compliment your business KARMA Clothing garments are designed to combine simplicity with smartness and are tailored to suit an elegant and sophisticated identity. Our stylish and fashion forward womens corporate workwear and gents corporate wear redefines how you do business. Local design and colour hit the boardrooms and the smell of success is in the air.

Locally-owned businesses, rather than globally-owned businesses, continue to strengthen the economic base of the community. At KARMA we offer design and local manufacturing, distribution and an in-house order processing service to an extensive client base, which is sustainable and provides businesses with peace of mind.

Fashion for the future

S.Africa and Africa business should support local. Furthermore corporate uniforms provide not only a sense of identity but also contribute to a better and brighter future.

Investing in a locally produced corporate wear collection means you do not only reinvent yourself but also uplift the community, which means every time you put on your unique KARMA wardrobe you can wear it with a sense of pride.

Buy local. Buy KARMA.

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