With the on-demand economy business is setting off into unchartered territory. There is a collaborative trend where colleagues and customers are inspired to connect with like-minded individuals. From office politics to office clothing, everyone is looking to a clean and fresh start.

When Coco Chanel said “Keep your heels, head and standards high” we bet that she never would have imagined there would be a petition to outlaw “mandatory high heels” in the workplace.

With over 150,000 signatures on the petition, this new generation is showing that they will be heard, just like the time when Jose Dos Santos made his faux pas, this time will be no different.

Respectful awareness and different traditions
As we are blessed with an array of traditions and curves companies are searching for the middle ground. Creating an office environment that meets the professional image while inspiring employees to celebrate their uniqueness, all the while harbouring a relaxed vibe which is conducive to creating a sustainable business.

Corporate clothing has the ability to help companies do just this.

The new shift in minimalism, collaboration and versatility means that companies are having to look at becoming fashion-forward, enabling their employees to see their office clothing as practical yet modern and stylish.

Plan your corporate wardrobe with confidence

With clean lines forecast and companies and individuals looking to express themselves through fashion, we look to versatility and share 5 key corporate uniform shirts to keep your workforce inspired;

  1. The opulent Statement shirt in hues of blue and coal
  2. The emboldened Vogue shirt which is semi-fitted
  3. The modish Gucci shirt in timeless black and white
  4. The plush Domino shirt in both plain and stripe
  5. The expert Avoir shirt with inverted neck collar

The shift in design can be attributed to taking into consideration functionality, shape and aspiring to achieve that smart modern look. We shared a few tips to add your individual flare with your office clothing where you celebrate your individual style while looking the part.

Colour forecast your wardrobe

Looking at your long-term direction think versatility through design. Design allows for success through elegance & precision. This years’ trend focuses on tailored shapes and freedom of movement as well as time-honoured styling.

More and more the modern employee is demanding practical yet well-designed corporate clothing. The great Marilyn Monroe said “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” KARMA says “Give the girl the right shirt, in every colour, and she will conquer the world”.

Choosing a colour pallet which extends throughout your corporate clothing range ensures your brand is refined, with a corporate identity and wardrobe that incorporates tailored elements and a splash of colour for inspiration.

The spirit of the modern woman who craves the new luxury

The corporate world needs to sit up and take action. Colour pallets can make or break a brand just as much as a petition against high heels. The complexity of the office is increasing, a fresh start is vital.

Think versatility. Think colour. Think shirt.

Be fashion forward and elegant at the same time, we launched our new colour range pre-the New Year to allow for companies to empower and inspire everyone in the office. We agree, you may not love to rock it in heels but if the KARMA shirt fits – wear it. In every colour.

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