Owning a work uniform is an added advantage to all your employees. It allows them to take control of their own look while adding to your corporate identity. Own your KARMA look.

Melissa Bolton stated “A brand is the way a business is personified in the minds of consumers” so how do you choose the best working uniform to remain prevalent in the minds of your customers?

Promote your company
Your businesses brand can be described as the “sum total of how someone perceives your company”. To promote your company you need to shape that perception.

One way to add your own stamp on your corporate wardrobe is through adding style to your corporate colour range. The trick is to select easy to wear work uniforms that can be integrated with your employees current work wardrobe. This will give a sense of identity and ownership of your corporate look.

Home of local fashion
Creating your unique corporate look is easy with a KARMA work uniform. You need to ensure that your investment in your corporate uniform is quality that lasts.

Most companies look to local producers of corporate garments which ensures their employees’ attire supports the local economy as much as their business does.

KARMA’s corporate clothing Johannesburg supplies not only South Africa but also into Africa, which means your brand can be carried through across the continent.

Grow your unique look
To get “buy-in” for your corporate business wardrobe you need to consider these five things;

  1. Practicality
  2. Comfort
  3. Structure
  4. Longevity
  5. Quality

Work uniform shirts should always look good and have a style that will stand the test of time. Choosing corporate clothing suppliers that understand the local market and produce quality items that last is imperative.

Corporate fashion musts
A work outfit should encompass more than the standard suit it should be chic and elegant. You can stop your employees from wondering what to wear to work and allow them to look stylish even when they are away from the office.

KARMA’s corporate wardrobe gives you more. More style, more comfort and more longevity.

Our range gives you the perfect mix of office appropriate attire. No matter if your working environment is ultra-corporate or has a creative edge, our design ensures your corporate personality shines.

With key items from the KARMA corporate collection you make dressing for the office a simple job.

Redefining office workwear
KARMA’s essential workwear items, with in-house design, means your stand out with modern corporate wear. We endeavour to stay true to our respected corporate clothing label while giving your brand the attention it deserves.

Kate Zabriskie once said that the customer’s perception is your reality.

Redefine your brand, become professional and comfy with KARMA. Shop the look and touch base with our team to make your KARMA wardrobe choice.

Invest in comfort and be cutting edge at the same time. Make sure that everyone showcases your corporate identity in style. Make them stand out in the minds of your customers for some brand recognition.

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