Is your 2018 look for ladies’ office wear ready?

Are you starting a new job? Stepping up the corporate ladder a notch?

Are you ready to take on the challenges and successes of corporate; with a spring in your step and a quality tailored suit to match?

We’re all set to help – Keep reading.

Our SA weather is agreeable (minus the rains, but that’s good for the drought situation, so yes to rain) and the boardroom agenda is bulletized and ready, all that’s left is for you to step in and look the part- corporately stylish and in control.

Nothing says, ‘now is a good time’ than the start of a new year. This first month of 2018 affords you the perfect opportunity to revamp your work uniforms and sort through the dull of the past year, jazz up the trends that were great enough to make it past midnight on the 31st with us.

Although we know what we NEED to adhere to for the office, we do not necessarily want to look bland and unstylish throughout the day. Rummaging through paperwork and speaking eloquently from one client meeting to the other is one thing, a lady should at least look exquisitely stylish while she does all that.

If nothing else, take the following ladies’ office wear tips to get yourself ready for the office.

  1. Keep it simple. Keep it elegant

A well-tailored pencil skirt with a blouse tucked into it, or a blazer with a tapered trouser in a colour that pops and announces that you’ve arrived, and you mean business, could be all you need to set off your corporate wear styling on the right foot.

  1. The perfect pant(s)

Likewise, a pair of classic pants or 3 are a solid component to put the perfect work uniform on trend and right on par with all things “professional.” The fact that pants are also a more comfortable option for the work environment is an added bonus.

The days of people saying pants are too “masculine” and make women come off as “domineering and unapproachable” are as outdated as the notion that the Earth is flat, or that retail therapy is not a real thing – this last part has practically been scientifically proven.

  1. Individuality – Make it your own.

Be on trend but always out your own spin on it. Elegance lies heavily in individuality. Even if corporate wants us to abide by a code of conduct and look as “uniform” as possible, your individual style and preference is the key to pulling off ladies’ office wear, successfully.

Shopping online at KARMA Corporate Clothing works out to be a lifetime companion in quality, style and comfort. With our wide range of single and paired ensembles; if you plan everything just right, then you should have absolutely no problems finding and combining the ideal look for your professional hours.

Year on year, our mission stays the same. Our 15 years expertise enables our team to suit the needs of larger corporate clothing clients who seek to offer their employees a work uniform, that doesn’t scream “Yes. I’m off to boring ol’ work”, while also offering items that individuals can buy off our online store.

Contact us to chat about possibly revamping your company’s employee work uniform options, or if you want to just add to the existing quality of your everyday ladies’ office wear.

Time to get down to some serious corporate fashion!

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