The demands of the corporate world come at us all at a mile a minute. Deadlines are always beckoning, meetings and standing agendas are often long, and the expectations for delivery and superstar results are never far behind. All that coordinating and excelling leaves very little time to thinking about what to wear and whether office uniforms may prove to be an easier time and fashion-life saver.

Figuring out your corporate workwear style, plus the silhouettes and lengths that suit you best is a part of life that we deal with exceptionally well and one we would like to take off your hands.

Our team has created a survey titled; WHAT DO WOMEN REALLY WANT TO WEAR TO WORK? with the sole intention of gaining a more modern and highly personalised understanding of what women, in their diverse personalities and job roles and life stresses, want to wear to work.

We have created a wide range of corporate workwear options over the years and all our pieces have caught on and done very well with the market.

To be quite honest; once your brand has covered cerise-coloured corporate wear and even extended the style imagination of the “serious” conservative workplace by launching an all-Demin range of suits, dresses, skirts and camisoles, you can be 100% guaranteed that KARMA Clothing is more than willing to break barriers rght by your side as you continue to advance your Boss Chick aspirations.

KARMA Corporate Wear is continually taking strides to better the variety we offer to our clients and the quality our ranges come in. We are consistently aiming and analysing global style trends and seeking an understanding of the evolving professional environment, in the effort to ensure that every woman – regardless of her shape, size and age range, finds a KARMA piece or three, that makes her feel truly powerful whenever she puts it on in the morning and heads out to conquer the corporate jungle.

Our aim is to stay current in our knowledge of the fashion game. Outside of reading up on said trends, looking at past sales data and analytics from our website and different social media platforms, the age-old method of asking the questions directly to the people who engage with / purchase our corporate workwear garments is a sure-fire way of paving the way to the future and what we will offer as a brand to our loyal customer base and the untapped markets that haven’t befriended us yet, but should.


Whether you love your pant suit as a straight cut or flared towards the bottom, or you prefer a pencil skirt that sits comfortably above the knee or you believe a maxi skirt with a flare type material will fit perfectly into your work weekdays, we would like to know! Completing our online survey will grant us the opportunity to produce more of the corporate workwear fashion style that fulfils your personal style and buying patterns.

Office uniforms don’t need to simply be the bland, boxy clothing in the colours black, white and tan anymore.

Your style choices for the office are as limitless as the number of lightyears in our innumerable galaxies. You can easily take charge of the boardroom – with both your professionalism and your perfectly corporate style.

Take our online survey here:

There’s a wonderful surprise for every successful completion of the survey – a 30% KARMA Online discount voucher, just as our small way of saying thank you for all your support over the years and to signify the month of love, in the sincerest sense.

Contact us for all your corporate workwear needs – individual and for a group in the organisation. Our team is readily equipped to help.

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