Many companies require their staff to wear corporate styled clothing on a daily basis. Although the intention behind this is to create the same professional look throughout the company, it may not always be the case.

Custom designed corporate clothing is often perceived as being clothing that companies require their staff to wear at events or on specific days. However, more and more companies around South Africa have taken to the trend of designing their own corporate clothing that reflects their brand.

Staff members are possibly the most important part of any business. Ensuring that they are dressed the part is important as they represent a business and what it stands for on a daily basis. Customised corporate clothing is a great way for any business to unite its staff members and at the same time, maintain uniformity.

  • Projects professionalism
  • Promotes teamwork
  • Corporate Identity
  • Staff recognition
  • Prevents staff from dressing inappropriately
  • Creates a common workplace persona
  • Creates a corporate family
  • Corporate awareness
  • Extra motivation
  • Morale booster

Investing in corporate clothing does not mean that a company needs to splash out. Often simplicity works best, especially in the corporate environment. Choosing a basic style of blouse, shirt or golf shirt allows for the clothing to remain corporate whilst boasting a company logo or design on the pocket (for example.) Customised corporate clothing allows men and women to feel comfortable and represent one brand inside and outside of the workplace.

Customised corporate clothing also works well at corporate events and is a great way to separate a company (and their staff) from its competitors.

When staff wear their company’s corporate clothing on a daily basis is also saves them the hassle of spending money on new office wear.

Karma Clothing is a leading corporate clothing manufacturer in South Africa. It’s talented in- house designers work closely with companies looking for customized corporate clothing. The large portfolio of seasonal corporate clothing allows for companies to choose from a large selection. Designs are always being refreshed and reinvented so to keep in touch with style trends. Companies are able to brand and customise the corporate wear as they wish, so as to match their corporate identity.

Customised corporate clothing gives companies the freedom that is so important to carry their brand. Differentiating oneself in the market place can be difficult. Customised corporate clothing provides a sense of personalisation between a company, its staff and of course its clientele and target market.

For more information on customized corporate clothing contact Karma Clothing on 011 262 2995 or email

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